How to Free up Hard Drive Space on Mac

Juliet D'cruz

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Has your Mac started to get slow? Have you started to get notifications warning you about low disk space? We’ve all been there. Mac computers can have surprisingly low disk drives that fill up incredibly quickly. And unfortunately, running low on disk space can be the number one thing causing your computer to act up.

Fortunately, you can take some easy steps to free up some of the hard drive space on Mac computers. Here, we’ll discuss some of the easiest steps you can take to free up hard drive space on your Mac. Read on to learn more!

Find and Remove Duplicate Files

Duplicate files are way more common than you think, and they can eat up a ton of hard drive space for no reason. Especially if you’ve been using your computer for a long time, duplicate files accumulate much easier than you might expect.

Fortunately, some programs can help you delete duplicate files off of your Mac instantly. Click here to learn how you can delete duplicates off of your iTunes app specifically!

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Uninstall Applications You Don’t Use

One of the easiest and fastest things you can do to clear up a ton of space on your hard drive is to delete and uninstall applications you aren’t using. Often we download an application for one-time use, and then it sits on your computer, eating up gigabytes worth of valuable disk space.

In the Finder window, you should be able to select Applications for view in the sidebar easily. You can sort the applications by size and delete the largest applications to free up space. You won’t be able to delete all of them since some are installed with the computer itself, but you might be surprised how many of them you don’t use.

Check Your Disk For Unnecessary Files

Sometimes the best way to free up space on your hard drive is to roll up sleeves and go through your files by yourself. Open up your Finder application and start looking for files that you no longer need. And don’t forget to empty your trash can once you’re done!

Temporary files are an easy thing to delete, as are previous iPhone backups. You can easily sort your files by size and delete the largest files first to clear up the most space possible.

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Freeing Up Hard Drive Space on Mac Computers

It may seem like a frustrating and tedious task, but you’ll be amazed by how much better your computer will run when you free up some hard drive space on Mac computers.

With just a little bit of patience and maybe a little bit of help, your Mac will be running like brand new in no time. And you’ll be free to download more files and applications that you’ll actually use!

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