5 Reasons You Need an Air Diffuser for Your Home

Juliet D'cruz

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“What’s that smell?” your houseguest asks with her nose crinkled and her mouth pursed. Yikes! You hadn’t realized that your home is smelling a little less than fresh these days.

But what can you do about it? Well, vacuuming and dusting are a good start but those don’t address the most common malodorous culprits in your home. It’s time to try an air diffuser!

This convenient appliance works by filling the air with breathable essential oils. Read below for 5 reasons you need an air diffuser in your home.

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  1. No Sign of Sparky

How many times have you googled, how to get rid of pet odors? Be honest – it’s probably a lot. You love your pets but need to find out how to get rid of pet smells once and for all.

Air diffusers eliminate unpleasant pet odors and replace them with fresh, crisp scents instead. Use an air diffuser in common living spaces where your pets tend to hang out.

  1. Sleep Tight

Did you know that air diffusers can actually help you fall asleep and stay asleep? The relaxing scent of lavender or the calming aroma of chamomile can help your body destress and sleep more soundly. Some air diffusers also make a soft humming or whirring noise which can have similar effects to white noise.

Don’t want to waste air diffuser oil while you sleep? Buy an air diffuser with an automatic shut-off feature.

  1. Mood Boost

Need a little pick-me-up after a hard day? Come home to a refreshing scent of rosemary, peppermint, or eucalyptus to instantly boost your mood. Aromatherapy is known to boost chemicals in the brain that else endorphins and make you feel happier. After all, your home should always be your happy place!

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  1. Work Smarter Not Harder

Wondering how to freshen up your home without a bunch of sprays, wipes, and sponges? Air diffusers are a more effective way to make your home smell better with basically no effort.

Take a look at the Aromatech Scent air diffuser – it can cover up to 7,000 square feet! Can your average anti-odor spray do that?!

  1. Prevent Mold and Bacteria

You may have your own ideas on how to make your home smell better. But do any of them double as mold and bacteria deterrents?

Air diffusers break down free radicals that may cause bacteria growth on surfaces. Try using pine of red thyme oils to prevent mold. These scents create an environment that you’ll love and mold will hate.

Your Home Needs an Air Diffuser

Air diffusers have health and sanitation benefits that you and your family could benefit from. Purchase an air diffuser today, pick your favorite scents, and notice the difference right away. The next time a houseguest asks, “what’s that smell?” they will be taking in a deep breath of lemongrass or rosemary.

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