How to design the perfect teen bedroom for your teenagers 

Juliet D'cruz

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When it comes to teen bedrooms, styling can be a little, well, tricky. These young adults are growing and discovering themselves every day. They are constantly changing and so are their tastes. This makes it difficult to choose one style of décor and colour that they will like. It is more likely than not that they would want to change their bedrooms, at least once every year. This makes it important to style and design a bedroom that offers them the room to be creative and change it according to their preferences. Here are some of our tips for having the perfect teen bedroom. 

Mood Boards 

A fun activity that can go a long way in making the room according to what they like is making mood boards with them. This can be done by going through interior magazines with them, using social media such as Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and taking note of the colours and textures they like. Involving your teenagers in the process will make the design of the room more fun for them as well and they will be able to tell you outright the kind of décor and style they want.  

Start by making at least 4 mood boards. Once you have all the choices out, you can look for the common colours and themes in them. These are the ones you should be using in your teen’s bedroom. If you are unsure about how to choose the right colour for their walls, remember that neutral is always good- and can be painted over into a new colour whenever needed, unlike brighter, darker colours that cannot be brought back down to neutrals without professionals. 

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Recycle furniture 

Now we all know that the dresser you got for your teens will not be their ‘taste’ anymore in a few years. So, rather than spending a lot of money on the furniture, you can choose to recycle furniture pieces and get them second hand. This means that they will be cheap enough to paint over if your kid wants to in a few years or months. Moreover, they will also be easier to replace as they won’t be as costly. Similarly, bed heads and other décor pieces can be bought second-hand or recycled so that there is enough room left for being creative and changing the room in the years to come. Make sure though, that you avoid matching furniture pieces. They will make the room look tacky and cheap. Instead, choose furnishings in the same shades and colours. This will give the room a visual depth and make for a dynamic décor.  

Let them decorate 

Using changeable décor pieces like wall collages or artificial vines and candles, let your child decorate and decide on how they want their room to look. Social media is always coming up with new things and it is important to let your child do what they want with their room. Collage walls are particularly famous right now and if your teen wants to include that in their room, make sure they do so on a wall that is not wallpapered.  

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They might be interested in painting today and video games tomorrow or they might pick up reading after watching a movie on it- The bottom line is that teenagers have changing interests. They are evolving and growing, and so are their hobbies, so having enough storage to store their clothes, stuff for their new hobbies and other décor is important, or their room will become messy in no time. 

Try adding storage below their beds, on the walls through shelving and dressers and study tables to create the perfect teen bedroom. Add extra shelves if required. This though can decrease the movable space around the room. An easy way to fix that is by wall-mounting their television and getting rid of the TV shelving unit. You can easily get your TV wall mounted by professionals by clicking here. 

Go simple 

We suggest going simple and then allowing your kids to decorate in any way they want. Rugs, carpets, décor – let them make the colour decisions for things that can be easily removed and replaced while you make decisions for the permanent things- the walls and the furniture. 

Keep the room décor simple and let them personalize it with pictures, art, or anything else that they might like. DIY is your best friend if you want to make your décor on a budget. Going simple at first gives your kids the room to grow and change the room as they would like and will allow you to create the perfect teen bedroom.

If your kids are creative, encourage them to make art to put around the room. This will encourage their innovation and creativity and will give them direction on personalization. 

In the end, it is important to remember that it is your kids that are going to spend all their time in the room and the bedroom needs to cater to their style.