How to achieve the goal of formal education system?

Juliet D'cruz

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Not to mention the formal system, which is probably the most accepted education system in the most well-known industrialized countries. It is a system responsible for “getting a good education for a good job.” While there is no guarantee that anyone will live a “happy” life, those who successfully complete formal education have a definite advantage in today’s world.

Survival is key here. Formal education can be a long process for those who want to get a piece of paper what can’t be done is long! In my own experience, in 1971, my college enrolled about 2,000 students. Four years later, only 40 of us have graduated.

Today, I am moving away from the important discipline that is the adornment of my diploma. Of course Leistich had to apply for 30+ years and make money from what I learned. Not everyone is happy. The stories are of very talented people, hamburgers and parking lots because they don’t have a job.

So does formal education serve the purpose of education? If we talk about basic existence then it is “yes”! Needless to say, year-round “compulsory” courses are boring, not even suitable for printed paper. Talk about a basic problem! 🙂

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Informal system and educational purpose

The informal system is similar to the formal system, which makes it easier for both parties to enter the joint workplace – obtaining a diploma or certificate. The advantage of an informal system is that it gives people some flexibility in terms of location and design.

Students can enroll in full-time or part-time courses during the day or evening and on weekends, they are allowed to work on existing jobs and / or childcare and other responsibilities. There are also alternative distance learning and self-study programs for those who need multitasking.

That said, there is a strict list of requirements, assignments, tests and participant requirements for each course. Individuals should carefully consider all factors to determine if these systems are in line with their educational goals and ultimately worthwhile.

The informal system is more suitable for educational purposes

Yes, I am moderate and I know a lot of people are not happy with me. The whole point is to start this discussion and encourage it!

I have been teaching formal SolutionHow from the age of 16 for more than 30 years. So I can say that the information system is in line with the educational goals of most people. The non-governmental system is like a big buffet. You can choose the right course that suits your needs. You master the content and use it as you see fit.

No certificate or diploma to search. There is nothing to prove to anyone other than the results you show by studying something of your choice. There is no course that you are not interested in or not at all interested in. (For example, as head of the college’s music education department, I had to take biology and political science courses, especially with the final title, which is a waste of time!)

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Think about it, do I need an operation from an informally trained doctor? Absolutely not! The purpose of this article – to question the purpose of education – does it help us to live and grow in 2009 and beyond? In other words, should we all strive to be doctors so that they can survive and thrive?

The answer for most of us is “no”! However, what advice do most of us have? “The only way to get a good job …” is to get a formal education.

Educating individuals in a single society is the key and most successful way to ensure a strong future for future generations. Without these suggestions, the next generation will not have the right knowledge to work in every sector of our society. Online learning provides an educational level that simplifies the learning process and makes students teachers.


Traditionally, education has been understood as the education of people from kindergarten to college. Education comes in this category very seriously, but people can be teachers in many areas outside the average classroom. Students have many options because the industry is diverse. These options include K-12 education, special education, early childhood education, and adult education. Students who specialize in these fields can do a PhD from the association. Students should think carefully about who should teach them what to do before entering the program. What is on the road will be decided by this election.