Choose the Right Trends Before Buying Bathroom Installation Services Edinburgh

Juliet D'cruz

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Your bathroom must be a relaxing place for you as we all enjoy a long shower, after a tiring and hectic day. With the right Bathroom Installation Services Edinburgh, you can definitely design a bathroom that helps you relax and calm your mind. It can become your best restful retreat, with the right finishes and design plan.

Secondly, with the pandemic hitting us all quite hard, we have come to realise the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. Thus, our bathrooms must be on our top cleaning priority list to make sure that it stays clean of all bacteria and germs. From surfaces that are easier to clean to a bathroom design that looks utterly stylish and chic; we have summed up the best trends to follow for your bathroom installation in Edinburgh, this year.

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Nobody wants to sacrifice an ounce of style and trend in their homes. They must look aesthetically pleasing and should be a great restful retreat for you. You choose the right style and then get professional bathroom installation services in Edinburgh to help you get it all perfectly.

Here is a list of the best bathroom trends to follow in 2021 and you wouldn’t fail to impress every visitor at your place.

  1. Large Tiles:

It is time to wave a final goodbye to the small, mosaic tiles, especially for your bathroom walls. The trend has moved towards larger bathroom wall tiles and this style will gain a lot of popularity with the passage of time. So there is no way that they are going away, anytime soon. Larger tiles bring in a sense of luxury to your bathroom and make it look much more eye-catching. We suggest you get tiles that are identical to natural stones. Larger tiles are also quicker and easier to install if you have hired the right services for bathroom installation in Edinburgh.

  1. Back Lit Mirrors:

The right mirror is very important to make your bathroom appear much more attractive. If you are remodeling your bathroom, then adding a new mirror is certainly a good choice to make. And backlit mirrors are trending these days and they are certainly going to stay. We would recommend you to get one for your bathroom and get it installed by an expert. They are certainly going to add a luxurious vibe to your bathroom.

  1. Warmer Colours:

The best trending colours for bathrooms in 2021 are warm and vibrant. Mixing the two, brings an ideal, breathable bathroom finish that is very relaxing for the eye. Choosing the right colour is certainly very important but you need to make sure that you are picking the right paints too. If you have hired bathroom installation services Edinburgh, then the experts will certainly make the right pick for you. However, if you are choosing the paint yourself, then make sure that you choose durable paints that last long and don’t wear off too soon.

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  1. Smart Toilets:

Smart toilets have made a comfortable space for themselves in today’s world as they are easier to clean and manage. However, smart toilets need professional bathroom installation in Edinburgh. With free flushing and self-closing lids, chances of spread of germs is limited and potential reduced. They also have their own heating system in the bathroom so you don’t have to install a gas boiler. To install all of this system you have to hire Gas Boiler Installation Edinburgh so he can attach water pipes with Heating Systems. Smart toilets come with a smarter mechanism and whilst we practice to live in a pandemic driven world, this trend is extremely helpful and needed.


2021 has bought in some serious changes in bathroom trends and they all are eye-catchingly beautiful and smart too. Choose the style that matches your personal preferences the most, and hire professional bathroom installation services in Edinburgh to get them installed perfectly. From your tiles to sinks and mirrors and from your paints to smart toiler features; everything must be installed impeccably well, to increase functionality and value both.

Thus, as much crucial as it is to pick the right trend for your bathroom; it is equally important to choose the right services for bathroom installation in Edinburgh too.