Best nostalgic movies

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Best nostalgic movies

We all love to kick back and immerse ourselves in a brilliant movie once in a while, there’s really nothing like it. Luckily, there have been a countless number of movies over the years that have been nothing short of amazing. When we go back and watch a lot of movies that were released a while ago, we feel a strong sense of nostalgia. Watching these movies almost brings us right back to when we watched them for the first time! Much like listening to old music, movies can have sentimental value to us. This is why we have gone ahead and listed some of the best nostalgic movies that are bound to hit you right in the feels! Remember, different people may find different movies nostalgic. We have done our best to list some of the most popular movies that are generally considered nostalgic. It’s also worth talking about how it might be a cool idea to go back and revisit some of these classics on a large TV screen to experience the movies like you have never before! Click here for TV wall mounting services. We hope you enjoy it!

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Home alone

Everyone has seen this movie at least once! There’s arguably not a better Christmas movie than home alone. There’s no better film to create a nice Christmas atmosphere other than this one, so we just keep coming back to this movie every December! If you haven’t seen this movie before then, then you should know there are a lot of people that wish they could watch it for the first time again because of how nostalgic it is to them. Home Alone is all about a young boy named Kevin who is part of a very large family, his family leave for a vacation and his mum soon realises that Kevin was left home alone. Upon realising that he is home alone, Kevin has all the fun in the world with the fact that no one is home to give him trouble. Things start to go south when the home is targeted by two burglars who are under the impression that the full family will be in France. Kevin comes up with a master plan and sets traps all around his house to protect his home against the criminals. Some scenes in this movie are nothing short of hilarious, which is why it’s so iconic. Home Alone 2 was also released soon after, so you could even watch that too! Home alone is without a doubt one of the best nostalgic movies ever made.

Space Jam

In light of the recent movie Space Jam: 2 being released, this one might be one of the best nostalgic movies to go back and revisit. For a lot of people, watching Michael Jordan play basketball is nostalgic, but watching the looney tunes is even more nostalgic. Put two and two together and you have Space Jam! Many regard Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player of all time, in this fantastic comedy he is kidnapped by all of our favourite cartoon characters, the looney tunes! The looney tunes challenge aliens to a basketball match in a bid to save their freedom and end up realising they are way over their head, and there’s only one man that can help them. This fun movie is brilliant for all age groups, Space Jam is considered a one-of-a-kind type of movie and for a good reason! If you grew up watching the looney tunes then you have without a doubt seen this movie before, most would agree that it’s one of the best nostalgic movies to watch. 

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Matilda is a brilliant movie about a very clever little girl with a family who won’t appreciate her. When she starts attending primary school it quickly becomes apparent to her teacher that there’s something special about Matilda. The teacher and Matilda quickly form a close bond. The only problem is that the school has a very nasty principal called Ms Trunchbull, who is suspected of committing despicable crimes. Matilda soon starts to realise she is able to use telekinesis and uses his newfound powers to set the record straight. This fun, wacky, movie directed by Danny DeVito is without a doubt one of the best nostalgic movies to watch. The movie was released in 1996 so a lot of us were just children, or maybe not even born yet when this fantastic movie was released. The movie was based on the book by world-famous author Roald Dahl, and if that isn’t a good reason to go back and revisit Matilda then we don’t know what is! Matilda is unquestionably one of the best nostalgic movies to watch.