Wise Solution: Blazing-Fast Windows Shared Hosting With 20x Faster Speed

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Wise Solution’s Windows Shared Hosting gives you reliable hosting resources and services with 20X faster server speed for sites with limited web pages.

In the modern world, 90% of users are influenced by the online market, and 95% of users prefer to buy online products and services. However, a website that gives an excellent experience of high speed to users is highly opted by the online users. In the process of engaging a customer to convert them into a paying customer, speed is one of the most important factors that play a vital role. This is because potential users won’t like to wait for so long. Thus, if your site takes much time to load, users will switch to your competitors. However, choosing the best and user friendly platform is one solution to ensure the high speed of your website. For that, you can go with Windows Shared Hosting because it gives you reliable hosting resources and services with 20X faster server speed for sites with limited web pages. 

If you want to know how the best Windows Shared Hosting gives you high speed experience and which Web Hosting Company in India provides you the affordable plans. This guide lets you know all your answers. You need to read the complete post. Let’s get started!

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Windows Shared Hosting by Wise Solution Explained

Shared Hosting is a type of web hosting that users choose to host their small scale or low traffic websites. In shared hosting, you’ll be given many useful resources such as Random Access Memory, storage space, bandwidth, and so on. You need to share these resources and hosting web space with the neighboring sites and users. But when it comes to management, shared hosting management is a piece of cake for every user. This means users with less technical skills can handle the shared hosting for their website with great ease. 

Moreover, if you want to run your site on a user-friendly shared hosting platform with an independent Windows operating system, then it is known as Windows Shared Hosting. Windows are the popular type of OS to give you a better user experience for potential customers. 

However, if you buy the Cheap Windows Shared Hosting by Wise Solution, you can access many services. You can also enjoy the benefits of exclusive perks with it that you’ll get to know in the later section of this post. 


Top-Notch Features of Cheap Windows Shared Hosting

You can have the powerful features of Windows Shared hosting with the Best Hosting Provider in India – Wise Solution. So, here we enlist some of the principal features that you’ll be given with the wisesolution’s Windows Shared Hosting-

#1. With Windows Shared Hosting, you’ll be given the huge Disk Space to keep your important files and folders in it. 

#2. The unlimited bandwidth you’ll receive within the package will allow you to experience fast data transfer rates over the network. 

#3. If you want to host unlimited websites, then you can choose the exclusive Windows Shared Hosting plan.

#4. Your site runs with a 20x faster speed because Windows Shared hosting comprises the Powerful Processor powered by the top tier data centers. 

#5. All your data is highly Password Protected with advanced Security measures.

#6. With the use of CDN and robust hardware configurations, your site experiences 20X faster Server Speed.

#7. Wisesolution ensures the 99.99% Uptime Commitment with all the Window Shared Hosting plans. 

To be aware of the top notch features, it’s time to take a glimpse on Serverwala’s Windows Shared Hosting benefits. Let’s know it.


Benefits of hosting your site on Best Windows Shared Hosting 

Best Windows Shared Hosting benefits your business in a number of ways. However some of the exclusive benefits are listed below:

-Easy to Use

Windows Shared Hosting is a user friendly platform that is easy to use. So, you can easily manage and handle your website effortlessly. Although it becomes easy for you to manage all the functions over your server with one click. 

-Access Compatibility

With Windows Shared Hosting, you can integrate the database to seamlessly collect the data from the Access database. Although, there are numerous database options such as MySQL apart from the Access database that most users prefer. 

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-Cost Effective

You can count Windows Shared Hosting at the top of your list when it comes to budget hosting. This is because you’ll get resources that you need to share with other sites. This reduced the overall hardware and software costing. Hence, it is cost-effective for every hosting user. 

-One-Click Upgrade

When your site outreach with the existing resources, then with the Windows Shared Hosting, you can have the choice to upgrade your hosting with one click. So, you can upgrade your plans, including Random Access Memory, Data Storage, bandwidth, and so on, by letting your requirements to your web host. 

-Easy Management

Windows Shared Hosting is easy to manage. So, you can easily manage your hosting. Also, if you want that your web host handles your hosting, you can go with the managed windows shared hosting. So, you’ll be free from server management. 

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Prices and Plans

Wisesolution is a leading and reliable web hosting provider that offers various web hosting services, including the Cheap Windows Shared Hosting plans. You can select any plans and customize them according to your site requirements. 


Customer Reviews

If you want to know the reliability of a web host, then it’s better to check the customer reviews. So, here we show you some of the true reviews of Wisesolution by our potential customers on the top reviews sites. 


If you are looking for low budget web hosting, which gives you a wide range of reliable features that boost your site speed and gives you an experience of 20 X faster server speed. Then it’s best to choose Wise Solutions Windows Shared Hosting. It gives you reliable features that make your site optimal and speedy. So, it would be easy for you to convert your potential customers into paying ones or sustain your focus on the business growth opportunities!

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