Why You’re Struggling With Sleep

Juliet D'cruz

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If you’re reading this article, then chances are you’re having real problems sustaining a healthy amount of sleep, falling asleep in the first place, or ensuring your sleep is high-quality. 

You might be focused on finding solutions to this, and there will be more on that further down the page, but it’s always useful to discover what could be causing it in the first place.
That way, once you’ve solved the problem, you can take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. In this article, I will take you through some of the more common explanations for not being able to sleep properly. 

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Reasons You Can’t Sleep

Sleep deprivation can be a dangerous problem if not dealt with quickly because sleep is an essential function of human beings. When you’re suffering from sleep problems, several things could be causing it. These can be physical, medical, or mental, or environmental. 

Physical reasons include pain and discomfort, medical reasons include asthma or other breathing problems, mental reasons include illnesses such as depression and anxiety, and environmental reasons include problems in your room such as a snoring partner or excess light. 

If you’ve only been suffering from poor sleep in recent days or weeks, it could be caused by stress and challenges in your daily life, such as changing your job, losing a loved one, or a disruptive situation taking place where you live. 

If it’s been going on for longer than that, there could be a chronic issue involved, like one of the illnesses mentioned above. 

But there’s also a further psychological element. When you’ve struggled to sleep for a while, you’ll quite unsurprisingly be worried about whether the upcoming night will be like all the others.

 And these thought patterns can end up building tension within you and reinforcing your difficulties. This is why people who suffer from insomnia can find it so challenging to break out of that cycle. 

Those are the main causes of sleep trouble, but there can be others, including any medicines that you may be taking, your genetics, whether you work night shifts or not, and if you’re aged 65 and over. 

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What Can Be Done to Improve Sleep?

But there’s a solution to all of this. And that is to find a natural remedy that enables you to feel calm and at ease before you get ready for bed. Luckily, you can find out all about such remedies by reading some Sleep Relief reviews. 

These cover products that can help you to relax, such as nicotine, but be careful. The information provided will help you to decide whether these remedies are right for you.

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Our Final Thoughts

Now that you know exactly what can cause problems with your sleep, you’re in a much better position to be able to deal with it. The first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have it and exploring what could be causing it.

 But then after that, you’ll want to move on to solving it, and that’s what you can do by following the link provided to find out more about natural remedies for your disrupted sleep.