Why Law Firm Marketing Matters

Juliet D'cruz

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Did you know that ‘near me’ mobile queries have grown by 200% since 2017? This matters for your law firm. A lot of those queries will include a search for local law firms and lawyers. Do you have a marketing strategy that ensures that people who are searching for legal counsel will happen upon your firm?

A solid law firm marketing strategy is vital to the success and growth of your business. Still not convinced? Keep reading to find out why your firm needs strong legal marketing.

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You Can Reach Ideal Clients

This is where digital marketing comes in and is oh-so-important. With legal marketing, you are able to connect with more prospective clients and a wider audience. However, with targeted and effective digital marketing you will communicate directly with your ideal customer — your exact target market.

What’s the point of reaching out to people who are in the market for a criminal lawyer if you’re a family lawyer? It’s important to put effort into understanding your ideal customer so you can create a marketing strategy just for them. This is why solo law firm marketing is so important — you’ll find clients who are excited to work with you.

SEO Puts You on the Google Map

Everyone Googles everything these days. When someone is in need of legal counsel, you best believe they’re typing ‘lawyers near me’ and they never go onto the second page of searches. If your website doesn’t pop up in a local search query, you’re missing out on plenty of prospective clients.

By focusing on SEO as a part of your marketing strategy, you can improve your website rankings and increase traffic to your site. Then, your professional site and digital marketing tactics will do the rest.

Establish Credibility for Your Firm

With professional lawyer marketing, you can establish credibility and authority in your industry. Use your marketing strategy to communicate your expertise by publishing niche content through videos, blogs, and more. In this digital age, content is king and clients gravitate to professionals that they feel they can trust.

Be consistent with publishing authoritative content that supports your claim of expertise and top-notch services.

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Create Connection With Social Media

Social media is not just for food bloggers and models. There is a space for law firms, too. And it’s important that you jump on board.  and take advantage of the social media wave. You can promote your firm on your social platforms. But most importantly, creating a social media presence will help you to connect with your clients.

It offers clients multiple communication channels and communicates your authenticity and trustworthiness when done right.

Step Up Your Law Firm Marketing

Are you convinced that law firm marketing is important? You should be! Stepping up your marketing will do wonders for finding new clients, establishing credibility, and boosting your presence. The more targeted your marketing, the more effective it will be.

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