Why Counter-Strike Is cheaters Heaven

Juliet D'cruz

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A power swing may have occurred in Counter-Strike- Global Offensive, but the shift is not the type players are habituated to. A recent patch from the publisher Valve to encounter cheaters always had been trouble in CSGO. Players express their anguish on social media. The uptrend of hackers equipped with wallhacks, aimbot and radar hacks are stealing the show, leaving gamers deprived of the fun and exhilaration of the game. Valve brought a pivotal change in matchmaking in CSGO that made ranked matchmaking limited to Prime users for a token of $15. This facet was introduced to discourage cheaters by adding a relative paywall to the most sought after feature of the game.

The question here is it possible to cheat in FACEIT CSGOHackers always infiltrated CSGO with ease. With ranked matchmaking unavailable in free to play accounts, hackers are extensively using third party matchmaking. The service providers do not want screen prime status players and are willing to offer their hacks to gamers who cannot survive the regular matchmaking. FACEIT, the esport platform for CSGO, have attributed heavily to anti-cheat engines, but the absolute number of cheaters and their innovative tricks have created a big loophole in their system. FACEIT may, in future, develop a system to identify and prevent potentially challenging free accounts, but till then, the regular CSGO matchmaking thrilling experience remains out of reach for gamers. 

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Issue of Trust Mode

The developer admitted to the bug in the system and stated the issue was due to the incorrect working of the Trust. In further clarification, the publisher stated the issue was resolved and expected a significant reduction of hackers. In spite of the fix, the result seems very bleak. Gamers reported Trust aspect is still ineffective to prevent hacks used by cheaters. On reporting, the developers declared a vague clarification. The fuzzy statement only created resentment among players; many gamers whacked the developer for not even affirming about the onslaught of hackers in CSGO.

The new Trust feature was introduced to eliminate cheats from the CSGO game by blocking any software that is not standard by Microsoft`s Digital Certificate, but it is turning out to be an irritant to many players. A simple click or movement of the mouse can result in a system glitch. In a recent Trusted F&Q section developer admitted the mouse issue. Further, they state they are working on it to resolve the issue as fast as possible. But many players report the Trust mode is causing various dysfunctions in the trendy first-person shooter game.

Compatibility problem
The developers admitted they need more time to fix the Trust mode problem, but till then, you can receive a cool down notice if the system identifies something not aligning with the inbuilt algorithm. This could happen even after you have started playing the game. These cool downs are irrevocable as per a statement issued by the developer of CSGO, much like cool down issued to players for quitting a competitive game before it ends. This is utterly frustrating, as you receive a cool down notice even after playing the game fairly without hacks.

The developer has not issued a list of programs compatible with CSGO, which implies you are relying heavily on luck while you start the game with other applications running on your computer. With a not legitimate list, a simple Photoshop or Gmail running behind can attract a temporary ban when you start the CSGO game.

Hackers everywhere

Many players are encountering blatant hackers in ranked CSGO games. Other players requested Valve to elucidate the trust issue and give a definite timeline to resolve it. Apart from the Trust factors, hackers were always a problem in CSGO. In 2018 CSGO went free for all on stream; from then onwards, hackers have taken control of the game. Players started randomly using third party hacks for a small fee; there were no preventive measures from Valve to discourage it. The third-party software can easily break into Valve`s ineffective anti-cheat system and allow players to ravage the use of these hacks.

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FACEIT`s anti-cheat engine is more effective than Valve`s as it has more access to players’ personal computers. The system screens the player computer and can identify hacking software; Valves system cannot penetrate the gamers’ computer. Though FACEIT`s anti-cheat software is not watertight, many players availing the service of FACEIT and ESA have reported about hackers. But still, the anti-cheat software developed by FACEIT played a pivotal role in the growing popularity of the CSGO game.

Even if you are not a prime player, you can play on the FACEIT platform, as CSGO is a free to play game universally. Even if you lack prime status fulfilling certain conditions such as playing CSGO for a few hours or with a new Stream account enables you to be eligible for using the anti-cheat software. This is a preventive step against players who pose a potential threat of cheating.