What to Know Before Buying Used Camper Vans

Juliet D'cruz

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Shopping for used camper vans can leave you paralyzed with what all your options are. Are you looking for a conversion van so you can flex your DIY skills? Or do you want a shiny new camper van that all you have to do is move into?

For most people, buying a used finished camper van will be your best option. But what do you need to know about your new-to-you vehicle? Read on to learn what to know before buying a used camper van!

Check Your Financial Situation

The first thing you need to keep in mind is what you can afford. The best part about used camper vans is that costs will overall be lower, and that financing can be spread out for up to ten years, giving you more options than you think it might. If you have a good deposit or a decent trade-in, your options expand even more.

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Buy Finished or Conversion

When faced with the choice of buying a finished camper van, or buying a used van and going for full camper van conversion, you need to remember your own capabilities. For most people, buying a ready-made new conversion is going to be the best option.

Unless you want to flex your DIY skills, then you have more choices with what the interior looks like, and adding extras such as two-tone paint or alloy wheels, or even solar panels.

Gently Used

Buying a gently used camper van can give you peace-of-mind, and get you good deals. Camper vans have been around for many years with many models to choose from, like the Thor Motor Coach. Make sure the engine and bodywork were cared for and maintained, and then update interior items when needed, and you’ll have a cozy home for as long as you want it.

Not All Are Alike

While many manufacturers agree on some basic layouts for the interior of a camper van, that does not mean all of them are alike. You could have a fold-away bed instead of the conventional rear seats that convert. Your refrigerators and heaters can be powered via gas or electricity, depending on your van’s age.

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Understand Your Amenities

When picking out your camper van, you’ll want to understand what parts are meaningful for your camper van. Know which small camper vans allow you to park in conventional parking spaces. If your camper van has a pop-up roof, you want to make sure it works smoothly, and if there’s a bed fitted in there, that it is comfortable for you, or that the conventional “rock and roll” seat beds are comfortable and secure.

Used Camper Vans

Buying used camper vans can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to travel and get more out of life. You can live free of a single location. Just keep in mind a few simple things, and you can have the road trip of your dreams!

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