What is the difference between the BHIM app and other online payment apps?

Juliet D'cruz

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These days, we hardly ever step out of our house for recharging our prepaid and DTH connection or to pay the postpaid or broadband bills. BHIM app


These days, we hardly ever step out of our house for recharging our prepaid and DTH connection or to pay the postpaid or broadband bills. Even the other utility bills can be paid conveniently through the recharge and payment apps. When it comes to using recharge and payment apps, there are so many apps to choose from that it often gets confusing. And ever since BHIM has been introduced, it has become even more confusing as many people think that this is completely different from the other recharge and payments apps. So let us today discuss the difference between BHIM and other online payment apps.

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  • The basic difference between BHIM and other payment apps in India is that the former is government-owned, while the other payment apps are owned by private companies
  • BHIM was developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), while the other apps are developed by various companies or their software partners
  • The transactions are done through BHIM happen directly from the bank accounts, and you do not have to pay any extra charges
  • BHIM can be synced to all the bank accounts that are UPI-enabled
  • The user interface of BHIM is very simple and the users can create a VPA with a registered mobile number.

Since BHIM is a government-owned online payment app, you can totally trust the app and use it without any problem. It is as good as the other apps that we have been using so far. To transfer funds through BHIM, you can also use the Airtel Thanks App. This is one of the best apps that has made the life of the users much simpler. To use BHIM, you first need to download the App from Google Play Store and install Airtel Thanks App on your smartphone. You then have to log in to the App with the help of your registered phone number and then have to enter the OTP that you will receive on your phone. Now you can have complete access to the App and can start exploring it.

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As you open the app, you will find various tabs and among those, one is BHIM UPI. You can click on the BHIM UPI tab and use the services such as Pay Money, Scan and Pay, and Request Money. Airtel Thanks App has many uses beyond using BHIM UPI. You can recharge your own and your loved ones’ prepaid numbers, recharge your DTH connection, pay postpaid bills, broadband bills, and many other utility bills. These all can be done in just a few clicks through your smartphone and the amazing App. Apart from all these, you can also enjoy the Airtel Thanks Rewards that you can get with several prepaid as well as postpaid plans.

Therefore, if you are especially an Airtel customer, and want to recharge your phone or pay the bill of your postpaid connection or even pay other utility bills, you can have this App on your phone without a doubt. It is user-friendly and you will be having a reliable and friendly solution to all your recharge and payment needs.