What Is Subsidiary Alliance?

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Are you curious to know what is subsidiary alliance? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about subsidiary alliance in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is subsidiary alliance?

The term “Subsidiary Alliance” resonates with a pivotal era in Indian history when political maneuvering and strategic alliances were in full swing. This article aims to provide a detailed exploration of “What Is Subsidiary Alliance,” shedding light on its system, examples, and its implications on the socio-political landscape.

What Is Subsidiary Alliance?

A Subsidiary Alliance refers to a diplomatic strategy employed by the British East India Company during its dominance in India. This system involved entering into alliances with princely states, ostensibly for mutual protection but with the underlying goal of extending British influence and control.

What Is Subsidiary Alliance For Class 8?

For students in Class 8, learning about the Subsidiary Alliance introduces them to a key historical concept. It signifies a strategic political move that shaped the course of Indian history during the British colonial period, showcasing the intricacies of power dynamics and alliances.

What Is Subsidiary Alliance System?

The Subsidiary Alliance System was a diplomatic maneuver wherein princely states were compelled to accept British troops within their territories for protection. In return, these states had to pay for the maintenance of these troops and accept a British resident in their courts, further consolidating British influence.

What Is Subsidiary Alliance Example?

An illustrative example of the Subsidiary Alliance is the alliance between the British East India Company and the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1798. Under this alliance, the Nizam had to maintain a British force in his state, pay for its upkeep, and accept a British resident at his court, effectively tethering his sovereignty to British interests.

What Is Subsidiary Alliance Class 10?

In the curriculum for Class 10, students delve deeper into the historical and political dimensions of the Subsidiary Alliance. They explore how this diplomatic strategy was used by the British East India Company to exert control over various princely states, fundamentally altering the dynamics of governance.

What Is Subsidiary Alliance In Hindi?

In Hindi, Subsidiary Alliance is known as “सहायक संधि,” reflecting the collaborative and strategic nature of the alliance. Understanding the concept in Hindi provides a nuanced perspective on the historical events and negotiations that took place between Indian princely states and the British.

Subsidiary Alliance Pdf:

For those seeking a more in-depth understanding, there are PDF resources available that delve into the details of the Subsidiary Alliance. These documents offer historical insights, primary sources, and scholarly analyses that enhance comprehension.

Subsidiary Alliance And Doctrine Of Lapse:

The Subsidiary Alliance is closely connected to the Doctrine of Lapse, another policy employed by the British East India Company. The Doctrine of Lapse allowed the British to annex states if they lacked a male heir or if the British deemed the ruler incompetent. Both strategies aimed at expanding British control over the Indian subcontinent.

Subsidiary Alliance States:

Several princely states entered into Subsidiary Alliances, including Mysore, Travancore, and the Maratha states. The repercussions of these alliances varied, with some states managing to resist complete annexation while others succumbed to British dominance.


In conclusion, the Subsidiary Alliance stands as a significant chapter in the history of British colonialism in India. From Class 8 to advanced levels, students explore its complexities, unraveling the diplomatic intricacies that shaped the political landscape of the Indian subcontinent. The Subsidiary Alliance, with its strategic maneuvers and far-reaching consequences, serves as a testament to the complexities of power and influence in history. As we delve into the historical narratives, we gain valuable insights into the dynamics that shaped the destinies of princely states under British colonial rule.


What Is Subsidiary Alliance Short Answer?

Subsidiary Alliance was basically a treaty between the British East India Company and the Indian princely states, by virtue of which the Indian kingdoms lost their sovereignty to the English. It also was a major process that led to the building of the British Empire in India.

What Was The Subsidiary Alliance Ncert Class 8?

According to the system of “subsidiary alliance” Indian rulers were not allowed to have their independent armed forces. They were to be protected by the Company, but had to pay for the “subsidiary forces” that the Company was supposed to maintain for the purpose of this protection.

What Is Subsidiary Alliance And Doctrine Of Lapse?

This arrangement was known as Subsidiary Alliance. Doctrine of Lapse- It was a policy of the British East India Company under which if the ruler of a princely state or territory under the paramountcy of the Company died without a natural heir, the state/territory would automatically be annexed to the British empire.

What Is Subsidiary Forces Class 8?

According to this alliance Indian rulers were not allowed to have their independent armed forces. The Company army was to protect the Indian state but the ruler had to pay for the “subsidiary forces”. If an Indian ruler failed to make the payment then part of his territory was taken away as penalty.

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