What Is PGT Teacher?

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In the dynamic field of education, Post Graduate Teachers (PGT) play a crucial role in shaping the academic landscape. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of what a PGT teacher is, their responsibilities, qualifications, and the pathway to becoming one.

What Is PGT Teacher?

A PGT teacher, short for Post Graduate Teacher, is an academic professional responsible for teaching students in higher secondary or senior secondary classes. PGT teachers are typically specialized in a specific subject, offering in-depth knowledge and expertise to students pursuing advanced studies.

What Is PGT Teacher Salary?

The salary of a PGT teacher varies based on factors such as experience, qualifications, and the educational institution. On average, PGT teachers receive competitive salaries, reflecting their expertise in delivering higher-level education.

What Is PGT Teacher In India?

In India, PGT teachers are an integral part of the education system, contributing significantly to the higher secondary and senior secondary levels. They play a key role in providing specialized knowledge, guidance, and mentorship to students preparing for board examinations and higher education.

What Is Tgt Teacher?

TGT stands for Trained Graduate Teacher, and these educators work with students in the secondary level, typically from classes 6 to 10. While TGT teachers provide foundational education, PGT teachers focus on delivering more advanced and specialized knowledge to senior secondary students.

Tgt Full Form:

TGT’s full form is Trained Graduate Teacher. TGT teachers are equipped with training in specific subjects and methodologies to effectively teach students in the secondary level.

PGT Full Form:

PGT’s full form is Post Graduate Teacher. PGT teachers have completed their postgraduate studies and possess specialized knowledge in a particular subject, making them suitable for teaching at the higher secondary level.

What Is Prt Teacher?

PRT stands for Primary Teacher, and these educators work with students at the primary level, typically from classes 1 to 5. PRT teachers focus on building foundational skills and fostering a love for learning in young learners.

Prt Full Form:

PRT’s full form is Primary Teacher. PRT teachers play a vital role in the early education of children, laying the groundwork for their academic journey.

How To Become PGT Teacher:

  • Educational Qualifications: Obtain a postgraduate degree in the relevant subject, such as M.A. or M.Sc. in the chosen discipline.
  • B.Ed. Qualification: Complete a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree to acquire the necessary teaching skills and methodologies.
  • Teacher Eligibility Test (TET): Clear the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) or state-specific TET to qualify for teaching positions.
  • Experience: Gain teaching experience, either through internships or as a TGT teacher, to enhance your skills and understanding of the teaching profession.
  • Apply for PGT Positions: Apply for PGT positions in schools, colleges, or educational institutions that match your subject expertise and teaching aspirations.

What Is PGT Teacher:

A PGT teacher is an experienced and qualified educator who imparts advanced knowledge in a specific subject to students in higher secondary or senior secondary classes. PGT teachers contribute to the academic growth and holistic development of students preparing for higher education.


PGT teachers hold a crucial role in the education system, guiding students through the complexities of higher secondary education and preparing them for future academic pursuits. Understanding the responsibilities, qualifications, and career pathway of PGT teachers provides valuable insights for individuals aspiring to contribute to the field of education.


What Is PGT Qualification?

Post Graduate Teachers (PGTs) are individuals who have completed their postgraduate studies, typically a Master’s degree and have chosen to pursue a career in teaching at the higher education level. These teachers teach students of senior secondary grades (classes 11th-12th).

Which Is Better PGT Or Tgt?

PGT teachers have higher pay and benefits than TGT teachers. TGT or Trained Graduate Teacher exams can be taken by candidates who have completed their graduation and are deemed to obtain a degree. Ideally, the candidates who have successfully completed B.Com, BA and B.Sc are qualified to take the exams.

What PGT Means?

PGT stands for Post Graduate Teacher.

What Are PGT Teachers Called?

The maximum age limit for Trained graduate teachers is 35 years. Teachers with a postgraduate degree and TGT are referred to as PGTs (Postgraduate Trained Teachers) and are entitled to teach above 10th classes in school.

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