What Do You Learn at Forklift School?

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What Do You Learn at Forklift School

A forklift is primarily used to carry heavy loads across long distances. It is generally used in warehouses where you need to move lots of materials from one place to another. It cuts down the effort needed to lift, carry, and transport and also saves time.

Driving a forklift needs special skills, and you need to join an institute to learn the skills and get the certification. Here are some things you will learn in forklift school

Forklift Certification Program 

The Forklift Certification Program is an OSHA-approved course that can be taken online or in person. The course generally includes classroom work, a written test, hands-on training, and evaluation. The employer generally provides forklift training, while the forklift school provides the learning materials related to the syllabus. 

The student can complete the forklift certification program at his own pace. The forklift school offers classroom-style training and a hands-on evaluation. Getting a forklift certification does not take long, and the training is completed at the institute within a few days. Here are different types of forklift training offered by the institute. 

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Classroom Training 

Classroom training is a traditional style of forklift operator certification. The training is delivered in a classroom-style environment to get your OSHA-compliant forklift operator certification. In the classroom training, the trainees know how to operate a forklift and safety measures they need to take. The classroom training can be given through books, live instructors, videos, and more. 

Hands-On Training 

Hands-on training is recommended when the trainee works with an experienced forklift operator. It is generally for the exact model of the forklift that the operator will use after receiving forklift certification. 


The last segment of the forklift certification is an evaluation where the trainee proves he has the understanding and expertise required to operate a forklift safely. A certified and experienced forklift operator performs the evaluation. 

On-Site Training 

The forklift training institute also offers on-site training to get your employees trained to operate forklifts and get them OSHA-certified forklift certification. As the name suggests, the training is generally conducted at the employer’s location with driving training. Certification of completion is awarded when the trained completes the forklift driving training successfully. 

Online Training 

The online forklift certification program is time-saving, and you enjoy the convenience. It is conducted as per your operation schedule, and the trainee may complete all forklift training classroom lessons online. The online training covers basic to advanced safety operations for stand-up and sit-down lifts. 

The duration of the course is 2.5 hours. Once you complete the online forklift training course, you need to participate in the OSHA-required driving safety course. The safety course is complete at your location with the forklift model you plan to operate. 

Different Types of Forklift Certification 

The forklift training school delivers training related to the forklift truck you plan to operate. As per OSHA, there are seven classes of powered trucks. 

  • Class One: Sit-down rider, electric motor, counterbalanced trucks with solid and pneumatic tires.

  • Class Two: Narrow aisle trucks with solid tires and powered by an electric motor.

  • Class Three: Hand/rider or hand trucks with solid tires and powered by an electric motor. 

  • Class Four: Trucks with solid tires and powered by internal combustion engines.

  • Class Five: Trucks with pneumatic tires powered by the internal combustion engine.

  • Class Six: Tractors with solid and pneumatic tires and powered by internal combustion and electric engine. 

  • Class Seven: Forklift with pneumatic tires for rough terrain. 

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Forklift Safety Courses 

The forklift driver certification also includes forklift safety courses. It covers topics like proper forklift maintenance, forklift operating hazards, and common types of forklift accidents. The forklift certification course has a 5-step process that gets employees trained to operate a forklift safely and follow the latest OSHA safety guidelines. 

Before selecting a training program, you need to assess your company’s forklift training needs. The training program generally involves training for all kinds of lifts like jacks, pellets, rough terrain, and stand-up forklifts. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Company registration 

  • Operator Registration 

  • Student Login 

  • One-hour online curriculum and exam

  • Print training credentials 

The classroom-style training offered by the forklift operating institute is OSHA compliant. It gives the employees the convenience of completing the certification program and passing the test using their phones, tablets, or computers. 

Classroom-style training helps save the company’s money as the trainee is not required to travel anywhere and there is no time away from work. 

An individual can conduct a hands-on evaluation with experience or an employer. The trainer needs to have the training, experience, and knowledge to train the individual. He should also be able to assess the trained forklift operator for competence. 


To sum up, these are some things that you will learn in a forklift training institute.