Trends in carnival costumes and clothing to celebrate Carnival in 2023

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Trends in carnival costumes and clothing to celebrate Carnival in 2023

We are going to celebrate Carnival 2023 the old-fashioned way again. Finally! Carnival and carnival costumes are of course inseparable and there is a lot of overlap in carnival costumes worn throughout the years. Nevertheless, certain trends emerge every year.

What are the trends for 2023 and what can’t be worn anymore? We have listed them for you below.

Carnival costumes from series

We expect to see a lot of “characters” from the series this year, such as Dahmer, Sex Education, The Crown and especially Wednesday (spin-off of The Addams Family). Almost everyone in the Netherlands has seen these series and they are of course a super fun hook for your carnival outfit.

Carnival costumes from a movie

The new Avatar movie will be released in December 2022 and how cool is it to hang your new outfit on this. You can buy a standard Avatar outfit at a carnival store, but with a little creativity, you can go a long way with a lot of blue (and blue face paint).

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Dress up as a celebrity, influencer or athlete

Carnival, of course, is all about making fun of the “establishment” or celebrities. In 2023, many revelers will again make fun of well-known media personalities such as influencers, singers and other celebrities, such as, for example, certain royalty couples from the British royal family. Of course, you do not necessarily have to make fun of someone, because you can also dress up as someone you are very proud of. Think for example of Max Verstappen, Cody Gakpo, Louis van Gaal, Goldband etc.

Traditional carnival costume and steampunk

After carnival has been at a standstill for almost two years, this year it is time to (re)appreciate the tradition extra. Many carnival fans have put aside their carnival money in Corona time and think it is time for something ‘decent’. The perfect time for a nice traditional carnival coat or patchwork coat, on which you can pin all those beautiful emblems.

Dress up in an outfit you made yourself

A lot of homemade outfits are worn during carnival festivals anyway (preferably a different one every day), but we expect to see this trend elsewhere in the country as well. After all, we have had enough lead time to Carnival 2023 and the appreciation for the celebration is greater than ever before. A pirate suit (Dutch: piratenpak) or police outfit (Dutch: politiepak) is easy to wear and to customize for friends or for your own carnival suit. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a work of art, of course, because not everyone is equally creative. An old curtain from grandma, transformed into a dress, or your aunt’s seventies clothes as a hippie outfit, will also go a long way.

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Carnival costumes for groups

Do you belong to a wonderful, large group of carnival friends? Partying together with your friends and feeling the love for carnival; of course, that’s what it’s all about. Of course, 2023 will be the first year that we can really celebrate carnival together “as before”.

We have missed being together and many groups will therefore go out in 2023 with beautiful group costumes to emphasize the feeling of connection.