Tips on How to Make Your Visit to Egypt Unforgettable

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There’s no place on Earth where you can see so many contrasts and beauties of two different worlds, like in Egypt. A country which tourism is among the most powerful in the world. It will make every arrival a memorable one.

You may decide to spend a vacation in some resort at the coast of the Red Sea, visit the ancient ruins or go on a Nile river cruise. Each of these arrangements offers you an opportunity to experience Egypt in a unique and unrepeatable way.

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The locals in this African country will try to make your stay unforgettable. Let’s be honest, it is profitable for them too. However, although everything is subordinated to tourists in Egypt, there are some moral (but also legal) laws you should adhere to. That way, you can make this journey a beautiful memory to last for years to come.


When you first arrive in this beautiful country, you will have the feeling that everything is for sale. The bargain is in the blood of Egyptians, and tourists see that as a real attraction. The flea markets and local stores that offer the most diverse goods are a true feast for the eyes. Here you can see exotic spices, jewelry, perfumes, souvenirs, and even live animals.

Although the Egyptians are mostly pleasant and unobtrusive, traders are a completely different story. Get ready for endless bargaining. This is a part of the tradition of Egyptian traders. They will always dump the price. Form your “negotiation skills” depends on how much you’re skilled in this negotiation.

They are trained to recognize the tourists and can be quite persistent. Be patient and prepare for the variety of methods they use to “soften” you and make you spend some money.


Keep in mind that, although the Egyptian economy is booming, a large number of people still live in poor conditions. It is good practice to tip everyone who serves you. Whether it is a bartender or luggage carrier. Even if you are not satisfied, thank them and leave at least a coin.

The tip in Egypt is “obligatory” because locals treat it as a sign of goodwill. Egyptians can be very helpful and take care of your needs. Your kind hosts will be grateful with these little tokens of appreciation.

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It is always a good thing to consider your outfit to the culture and laws of Egypt. If you don’t respect the same rules locals adhere to, it can be considered insulting. There tend to be a lot more liberal rules at holiday resorts. Though in cities such as Cairo and Luxor, it is recommended to be on your best behavior and to dress more appropriately.

Of course, due to warm weather, always take care of your skin. Protect your face and body from the sun. If you are in the desert, keep in mind that temperature variations are drastic. Night in the Sahara can be pretty chilly and cold.

Smoking is permitted mostly everywhere unless the rules say otherwise. One of the ways Egypt is dealing with this is selling cigarettes and alcoholic beverages at drastically higher prices than the rest of the world. If you really want to buy some as souvenirs, opt for a duty-free shop. Prices are more affordable than in local shops.

Tourist attractions are found in almost every part of Egypt. Though there are areas where picture-taking is not allowed. Before grabbing the camera, watch for signs that may disallow pictures. You can normally expect this at places of a religious character.

There you have it, with these tips, you can truly make your Tour to Egypt epic!

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