Step-By-Step Guide for Amazon A/B Testing

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When selling products on Amazon, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. A specific technique that functions admirably for one brand may not function admirably for another. Your competitor may sell the exact product you are selling, but their price points, images or listing content may force consumers to buy your product from you.

Creating an effective listing that persuades customers to buy your product requires care and research, and is not a “set and forgotten” process. That’s why it’s important to run split tests on different aspects of your listing, and see which versions work best. To read more details visit this website.

How to Run Amazon A/B Testing?

Amazon sellers can use Amazon Manage Your Experiments to evaluate different variables in their product listings. This will help the seller know which listing items are best in terms of title, images, A + content, and video. It will also help sellers understand which variants are best compatible with Amazon PPC. Here are the methods of A / B distribution test on Amazon:

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  • Manage your experiences through Amazon Seller Central
  • Off Amazon Tools and Campaigns
  • Use the A/B testing software tool

On Amazon Split Testing – Manage Your Experiments

In late 2019, after many years of domain tracking, Amazon unveiled A / B testing. Previously, you could only distribute test A + content. Testing has been extended to 2021. The following are three items currently available for split testing.

  • The Title
  • Main Picture
  • A + Content(Content simply accessible to mark enrolled dealers)

Amazon decides which products are available for A/B testing through the Manage Your Experience page. Eligibility for each SKU is required to meet the minimum sales and listing length requirements.

Of Amazon Tools Split Testing

Using tools or data away from Amazon is the opposite of not affecting your internal listing or PPC campaigns. Splitify’s team has developed an algorithm that will enable you to improve your listing quickly and easily to increase profits through the relevant A/B tests. The A/B test offered is very different from the Amazon A/B platform. These variations include price, product bullet points, all images, production description, and backend search terms.

Splitify automatically tracks your daily page views, sales, conversion rates, profits and helps lessen shopping cart abandonment. It also presents your test results in an animated graph that eliminates the hassle of creating them yourself.

Listing A/B Testing

Within listing optimization, use the “Add A / B Test” feature to track changes to any of the following tests:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Images
  • Tablets
  • Backend search terms
  • Price
  • Discount
  • Coupon

Amazon A/B Testing For PPC

The PPC section also includes A / B tests which are made within the autopilot function. Distributing the results of your autopilot changes will give you a simultaneous comparison of your metrics. This will help you determine if your autopilot settings are appropriate for your campaign.

Before plunging into split testing, ensure you have unambiguous responses to the inquiries beneath:

  • Why are we testing it?
  • What do we want to know?
  • What is the length of the test?
  • What metric do we use to measure and judge results?
  • Which variations are best in this test?
  • What action will we take based on the test results, ie winners/losers of results?
  • Once you have solid answers to every question, now is the time to take your test

FBA Global A/B Testing Pro Tips:

Do not remove keywords. You are well indexed by title. If you are ranking well for one or more important keywords, don’t risk losing your ranking by running a split test on them. So if you sell Black Men’s Running Shoes and categorize them for the term “Black Running Shoes”, don’t remove “Black” from the title in hopes of reaching a wider category of “running shoes”. The best anyone can hope for at this point is to play with your catchphrase space previously, then after the fact of it.

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  • Make sure you are trying just a single variable at a time

This is because if you have a headline, main image, and A + content in A / B testing listing X, and version A, and version B has a completely different title, image, and A + content when the test results are reviewed. If so, you have no idea which variable caused the results. The most ideal approach to ensure results is to test each factor thus.

  • Use a longer or longer coffee test cycle

It’s easy to see immediate results and react in a week or two. Fight this desire. The Amazon Matrix can be week-to-week, variable, and inconsistent. Over time, these matrices will become more stable. That’s why we recommend running your A / B test for less than 4 weeks at a time.

Product titles have a significant impact on listing conversions on Amazon. It’s a difficult game between informing buyers and adhering to Amazon’s A9 algorithm. It is likewise truly challenging to know which item component, advantage, or watchword ought to be utilized. This capability of A / B testing allows your business a tool to identify the performance of two alternative topics.

  • Track your A/B testing history

This is inevitably the most important principle of all. Keep every one of the A/B tests in a single spot. Run item A/B tests that support one another. The best way to do this viably is to have precise authentic information. It is also important that every member of your business team who is conducting A / B testing has access to this important information. If not, you run the risk of running duplicate tests or tests that make each other immature. The best way to track these tests is to use the FBA Global A / B Tracker spreadsheet. This handy workbook can track your Amazon and Off-Amazon split tests so you have a stable record!

A/B testing allows endless opportunities to skillfully identify what’s best for your business. For highly reliable results, we recommend that you take several A / B tests in a specific category. With each test, you will be closer and closer to fully improving A / B testing results and taking practical steps to improve product listings.


Whether you are implementing your A / B test on listing optimization or turning off Amazon marketing/survey data, you can be sure that at the end of each test you will have valuable data so that you can chart your path. Can do Get A / BT tested, you will understand the importance of patience and let A / B testing run your course.

Ensure you get a duplicate of the FBA Global A/B Test bookkeeping page. Inside this bookkeeping page, we have both:

  • A/B testing tracking template
  • Statistical Significance Calculator
  • With this sheet, you can track and understand the importance of each A/B test