Sprinkler Companies in Perrysburg

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At Waterville Irrigation, our irrigation technicians take their jobs seriously and are specifically trained to evaluate each lawn, landscaping area.


In Ohio, the spring, summer, and fall weather can be very unpredictable. There may be a rainy season with plenty of water for lawns and gardens but then there can be several weeks with no rain at all. To ensure your lawn, garden, and landscaping are always receiving enough moisture to keep the plant life lush, beautiful, and thriving, it is important to have the proper sprinkler system in place for your home or business in the Perrysburg area.

How Does a Sprinkler System Work?

At Waterville Irrigation, the most important part of our sprinkler system is for it to be a piece of a proper irrigation system that will automatically deliver water to the various areas of your lawn and gardens. This means that each specific type of plant is provided with the proper amount of water it needs to grow and thrive without over-watering or under-watering. A water irrigation system needs to be designed and installed to properly provide water, as well as irrigation, for each specific area. This works so much better than the normal way that novice gardeners’ water their plants, causing them to wilt or die because of lack of water or too much water because the area is not properly irrigated.

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A Variety of Irrigation Plans

At Waterville Irrigation, our irrigation technicians take their jobs seriously and are specifically trained to evaluate each lawn, landscaping area, and garden to determine how to irrigate it properly while providing the proper amount of water for the specific plant types in each area. We take each of your plant’s needs into consideration while creating the blueprint for your irrigation system to the water frequency is the proper amount to suit each of the plant type’s needs so that they thrive and always look lush and gorgeous.

Specific Sprinkler and Irrigation Plans

Our technicians evaluate several years of your lawn before determining the proper way to install your sprinkler and irrigation system, including the slope of the area to avoid any puddling of water, the type of soil in each area, and the amount of water that needs to be delivered to each certain type of plant. Our trained industry specialists only use the very best irrigation and sprinkler equipment and products to provide optimum health and well-being to each of your plants.

We also provide maintenance for your sprinkler and irrigation system to ensure it continues to work properly and your plants are healthy and thriving. We continue to counter-attack any insects that may be disturbing your plants and ensure that no areas begin to have experience water pooling.


Why Choose Waterville Irrigation

We work diligently, with a special attention to detail, to provide you with the very best sprinkler and irrigation system for your specific needs to keep your landscaping thriving all year-round. We not only save you money by keeping your lawn, garden, and landscaping healthy, we also save you time. We do all of the work so you can relax while enjoying your amazing yard.