Social Media Tools for your Business 

Juliet D'cruz

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Social media is now a significant part of marketing. Billions of internet users search for the items they need on various platforms. Since the market has become very competitive, marketing on social media is an excellent way of gaining a competitive edge. But, it does not come easy.

For the marketing strategy to work, you must invest in social media tools to help you execute the plan. Social media tools help manage and optimize social media posts for campaigns to be effective. Here are some of the best tools that will make your social media activities more manageable. 

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#1 Buffer

Buffer is a social media scheduler for popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It has advanced features, and you can manage your marketing from the platform. You can do the following with the tool;

  • Plan, create, and make a schedule for your posts
  • Engage with followers
  • Assess your posts’ performance using smart analytics and see which posts are effective
  • Upload content such as videos and images
  • Add team members so you can run organic social strategy together 

#2 Buzzsumo

It is a tool that helps a business identify the most shared content and who is spreading the word. This way, a company can discover the trending influencers and connect with them. To make it more manageable, you only use a domain targeted at your desired customers. From here, you check if your brand or product is being mentioned. If not, you will have to develop more creative content to ensure you perform well on social channels. Buzzsumo also gives alerts on the mention of a domain, keywords, or author’s name and keeps track of the competitors. 

#3 MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar Social media tools are integrated with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It primarily shares content and manages traffic to your website. Using MeetEdgar, you can keep your social platforms busy with posts to boost engagement and enhance traffic to your website. 

The most outstanding feature on MeetEdgar is the auto-refill queue. It allows you to schedule posts that will run throughout. MeetEdgar takes previous posts and shares them to keep a consistent engagement with your followers if they happen to run out. 

Another outstanding feature is a URL shortener that has an in-app click. You can use the MeetEdgar tool to follow up on clicks and convert them to sales. It is among the best-automated content management tools.

#4 MailChimp 

It is a social media advertising and email marketing tool. Additionally, it is integrated with SaaS companies which enhances user experience. Primarily, MailChimp helps to automate and direct email marketing campaigns to attain more sales. MailChimp is an excellent alternative for businesses that are starting and has less than 2000 subscribers. Such companies are allowed to use MailChimp for free to send up to 12000 emails a month. You can also trace the traffic that is driven by your campaigns. 

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#5 Bitly 

This social media tool allows you to shorten lengthy URLs. Once you shrink the URL, it becomes easier to fit in your social channels. It can also be challenging to remember long URLs. 

You can use a single URL to determine the number of leads generated and how many leads converted to sales. In addition, you can use Bitly to see referrals to your website, who clicks, and the geographical locations with more users. You can use this insight to optimize and direct your effort to well-performing areas. 

However, it is worth noting that using social media tools is just a step for an effective sales process. Once a user clicks on your website, you need to convert them to a customer before leaving your page. This can be challenging for most businesses. That’s where NetBaseQuid can help your businesses by helping you manage your tools, engage with your customer, convert them to customers and prevent them from leaving.