Social Media And Online Learning

Juliet D'cruz

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Social media platforms are no longer just places for chatting ad communicating. The whole social media scene has changed over the past few years and now social media is a business of its own. There are so many aspects of social media that are not about chatting and sharing content that is entertaining. Social media is now about marketing, advertising and shopping. It is a marketplace that has taken over the digital space. When we talk about digital marketing, social media marketing is the most important part of the same. Social media marketing and advertising have gained immense popularity as the possibilities are endless and the results can easily be tracked in real-time. This gives the business owner, the marketer and the advertiser much more power and control over the marketing and advertising part of their business. In the last two years, as the world has switched to the online mode due to the pandemic and the lockdowns imposed due to the same, so have businesses of all sizes. Social media has been especially beneficial for small businesses and small business owners who do not have professional marketers or a very solid team of advertisers. Social media offers a wide variety of tools and features that when used properly offer amazing results and maximum profits. 

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While social media and social media marketing are simple tools to help promote and grow business online using social media platforms there are some steps that need to be considered and some knowledge about the platforms and the procedure of marketing that a user needs to understand. As you learn and keep finding answers to how to promote your business on social media it is important to upgrade and update your skills and knowledge base on what works for your brand and what is the requirement of your target audience and possible future buyers and customers. You must also understand that with time, the format of content that is promoted by each platform and also preferred by your audience changes. Hence, change is the only constant and adapting to change is the strategy that you should follow. 

Online learning as well all know is now one of the most popular forms of learning not only for students but for people of all age groups who are willing to learn and progress in life. Online learning is also possible using social media. Online learning also proves to be extremely beneficial for growing and flourishing on social media. There are many reasons why you would wish to grow on social media. You might wish to grow on a certain platform or on a set of platforms depending on your requirement. The question here is about what you can learn online using social media platforms and what you must learn online to help continue your social media journey successfully. Let us answer these two questions in the upcoming sections. 

When we talk about learning on social media platforms, there are courses offered directly by the platform to help you understand the basics and how the marketing on these platforms works. These courses also help you understand the various features offered by the platform and how each tool is useful for you or your business. When working on social media, you might wish to grow your brand or business or you might wish to grow as an influencer yourself. For both of these, you need knowledge of the platform, the audience that most commonly uses the platform and the times when the maximum number of people are actively using the platform and engaging with content. You must also know which format of content works the best on that platform. If you know how to sell courses online and are well versed in growing on a social media platform, you can start your own course to help other people grow. 

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What should you know to be successful on your social media journey? To successfully grow your brand or personal brand on a social media platform you must identify your target audience and the platform that your audience commonly uses. You must then know where and when to use paid content and where to target for organic reach. You must also focus on solving your audience’s problems and offer solutions using your products or services. 

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