ShuffleBoards: A Guide to Buying the Best Type

Juliet D'cruz

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You surely don’t want to buy gaming equipment right off the bat. And for shuffleboards, there is a lot to consider when making the decision on which will be best for you to make payment for. Unlike clothing or kitchen items that you occasionally use and could be less bothered if they don’t meet the specification, you want your shuffleboard table to have everything down to the details. And to make sure of this, you want to know why you are buying one.

Shuffleboards can make a great addition in the home or for commercial places that enjoys a lot of patronages. And since you will be spending quite a sum for one, you want to make sure to get the best type. You will find below tips for buying shuffleboards and how to avoid ending up with the wrong option.

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Pick the Right Size

The right size is one of the things to consider when looking to get any table game. Whether you are looking at pool tables, tennis, or in this case shuffleboards, you want to make sure that you go for the right size that will work well in the available space. There are a variety of size options to choose from, so there is the chance that you will find the one that will fit in perfectly at home or your place of business.

The dimensions of the table will depend on how much space is available. And you can find options that span from 9foot to over 20foot. The length and width of the table should be ideal enough for players to enjoy the game. You want to also make sure to leave a clearance space for players to move freely while playing the game anything more than 2 feet should be great. 

Regarding the width of the table, anything less than 18inches in width will surely cramp the style of the game, so you want to take note of these when in the market for shuffleboards. You can find tips on this page on how to play the game of shuffleboard. 

The Thickness of Playing Field

How thick should the playing field be? This is another issue that begs serious consideration. The playing field should be thick enough to provide stability when playing the game. A thickness of 3inches should be good for tables that enjoy the rigorous gameplay. And it will also help when you need to sand off the surface during maintenance. The best options usually spot a wood of more than 3inches thick and an additional finish that offers more rigidity that supports the gameplay.

When shopping online, you want to check the specifications of the thickness of not just the table surface but the hardwood on top. And you can use this to get an idea of how much the actual wood weighs by subtracting the thickness of the coating and finish, so you know you are getting a durable shuffleboard table.  

Decide on your Choice of Material

Just as you will find them available in different sizes, you will also find them available in various material builds. And you will have to decide the material type you will be going for. You want to pay close attention to this aspect of the purchase as it plays an important role in determining the durability of the unit. Anything made from durable hardwood should be great for supporting the rigorous nature of the game.

The best wood options to go for if you are buying your shuffleboard tables online include Poplar, Canadian Maple Wood, Russian Birch, North American Maple Wood, and White Maple, as they are known to be from hardwoods that last years when maintained properly. Those made from epoxy resin finish are less expensive compared to those made from the options above. While they will do well in the home as you barely get to work them, they won’t be a good choice for commercial centers that enjoys heavy gameplay.

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A Durable Finish

Many of the best brands apply an additional finish to the wood surface and this is all to ensure durability. This will help with limiting the damage to the board especially when newbies are learning the game. It is common for them to drop the puck or slide it with force, and if the surface doesn’t offer enough durability can cause scratches or dent the board surface.

While you can find older types of shuffleboards like those that used to be around 50 years ago that spot a lacquer and shellac finish, there are better options that will reduce how often you need to refinish. Modern types of shuffleboards make use of epoxy resin which is more long-lasting and helps improve the gameplay leading to better accuracy of shots. You can find more here on what to look for when in the market for shuffleboard tables. 

How Much Does Shuffleboard Table Cost?

You will also need to decide how much you are willing to spend on a table as you surely will be working with a budget. You can find in-expensive options with fairly durable materials that may be ideal for learning the game for a few months before you get a quality option. 

This may be an ideal step to take if you are shopping for shuffleboards to teach the kids how to play the game. But you will need to get the best quality if you want to get something for outdoor purposes or a recreational facility where people will use the table more frequently.