Reasons Why Celebrating Wins Can Help Your Child

Juliet D'cruz

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School days are never easy to cope up with. It becomes sometimes very hard for the students to go through the learning process and attain knowledge and information. Students have to work very hard for their process of attaining knowledge and information. Earlier due to lack of technology and technological support learning was only teacher centred and very difficult. Students had to spend hours in the library to learn and gain the knowledge needed for their success in their academic life. Earlier students were not aware of ERP full form or LMS full form even but today due to online learning, the scenario has changed completely.  Now, students know every single detail about ERP full form and LMS full form. But during this whole process students get tired sometimes and they feel a little demotivated too doesn’t matter if they are getting top scores or bad scores and this happens because they lack something which is very important & that is to pause for a while and enjoy the little wins they achieve. Today students are assumed to be the horse of a race and are made to run tirelessly with the burden of expectations of parents, peers and tutors. They are given targets to achieve as big goals but no one talks about their little wins in life. Like the very first time they rode a bicycle, the first song they sang, winning a football match or making a good friend.

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There is a saying that we often forget to celebrate little wins given by time chasing a big goal, and when we achieve it then no time is left to celebrate it. Celebrations in life diminishes stress in life and also motivates to work and achieve more. Celebration is a type of appreciation which everyone deserves for his or her efforts and hard work in his or her life doesn’t matter if he or she is a student or a professional adult. Celebrations of little wins give inspiration to the kids and make them enthusiastic to give their best at school and perform as the best in all the activities. Therefore, it is necessary for them to stop now and then and celebrate the efforts and their little winning results as much as you can. This random happiness boosts up the energy level of kids and makes them use their creativity to achieve more in their academic life. Now, what else as parents can you do to contribute to this good cause? It is said that small steps can make a big difference, hence instead of setting big goals for them and putting excessive pressure you need to ease the goals for the kid and help him/her intermediately to achieve it. Sometimes unfortunately even after a lot of effort students fail. Then first of all hold them to fall into a well of stress and depression, make them understand that making mistakes is not a sin in fact failures and mistakes give lessons and chances to do better than before.

Make your child understand that seeing big dreams and setting big goals is not bad but should start from little steps and small goals, kids should come in practice first. Big goals can’t be achieved in a jiffy, it takes time. But in order to achieve them, ignoring the little wins is wrong because celebration of little wins in life boosts up the morale and motivates the students to put more effort and win the big goal in the same ways as he or she achieved his/her little win. Break the big goals into clusters of small goals and combine them after achieving them one by one. This can take time so students need to have patience for that. Make your child understand that mistakes and failures provide the opportunity to learn from them and perform better, they will eventually succeed, just they have to have patience and have to continue their efforts for learning. 

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It is a very ridiculous fact and a bitter truth too that usually those students who are backbenchers who celebrate their life with family and peers along with their studies they achieve beyond imagination in their life whereas those who ignore their whole life socially and emotionally in order to become book worm they usually could not achieve anything special. Hence, make your child a successful but happy child not a robot.