Real Estate Inspections

Juliet D'cruz

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What many people ask is that why Real Estate Inspections matter when you are buying a new house? Well, buying a house can be a very cheering but traumatizing experience at the same time. It is a very big decision for a person, especially the one who is putting all of their life savings into buying a house so it becomes a very delicate and sensitive matter to talk about when such concerns are addressed.

Ben is also a guy who has enough savings to buy a house of his own after 20 years of hard work. He has been living on rent in a very small apartment and it was fine till he got married and then started a family of his own which made him realize that he needs a bigger more private space for himself and his children. The experience of living and growing up inside your own house is very important and close to the heart because of all the memories you can make once you are living in your own house. The memories of your kids playing in the yard, watering the flowers in the garden, having their own playing space in the basement and many more things.

After having his second kid, Ben wanted the same. He wanted a perfect house with separate rooms for everyone where everyone can enjoy their privacy and live together as a happy family as well but buying a house with the complete savings that he had collected over time seemed like a big gamble as anything can happen as there are many cases everyday out there where many problems are found in houses which cost a big amount of money.

He recently encountered a similar incident where his friend bought a house which has mold issues and they resulted in disrupting the health of his children no one would want that. In another incident, he heard that a person had to get the whole piping system of the house changed and it ended in him getting burdened with load which is something Ben cannot afford as he is going to spend all the savings he have into this house and it should be perfect.

While he is still struggling to make a final decision, his real estate agent who is helping him to find a better house for his family suggests that he should get a complete home inspection done in order to be sure about the purchase he is going to make. For Ben, this was something new and he was very confused about spending some amount on the home inspection as he was already short on budget. But after some convincing, the real estate agent made him agree to this decision that he will get a home inspection done as soon as possible when they finalize a house to purchase.

And the search begins! The real estate agent is working really hard to find a four bedroom house for the family with a porch and a garden because this is the image of a perfect house that Ben had in his mind. Along with that, they wanted a basement as well and a little backyard should do some good too. As the demands were big, it took a long time to find just the perfect house for Ben and his family but there comes the time to select the home inspection company. They decided to call the best home inspection company as suggested by many people and the real estate agent himself which was Champia Real Estate Inspections as they had best home inspectors in Atlanta which were not only experts in the residential inspections but commercial inspections as well. The day of the inspection comes and the home inspector arrives at the location of the house to see if everything is alright here or not. He starts with the preliminary inspection in order to see which areas need more attention or not. He suspects that there is some problem with the crawl space areas of the house and then suggests a further mold inspection and wood destroying insects inspection. One they were done with it, it was deduced that the wooden structure of the house was affected and preventive measures have to be taken as soon as possible to ensure that no further damage is done to the house. The current owner of the house pays for all of that and once everything was done, the house was cleared by the company along with many other three months guarantees in order to make sure that Ben is satisfied with the services he has gotten. If it was not for the home inspection, Ben would have suffered a loss because the cost of repairs done to the wooden structure of the house are a lot and could have disturbed him way too much.