Promising career options after pursuing an LLB course

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Promising career options after pursuing an LLB course

LLB courses are gaining tremendous popularity among students after completing 12th. An LLB degree is one of the most promising career paths that offer a remunerative career and handsome compensation. Bachelor of Legislative Law is commonly known as LLB, an academic course and a pathway to enter the legal profession in India. There are ample career opportunities for individuals with an LLB qualification. An LLB graduate can enter three significant organs of the government, namely Executive, Judiciary, and Legislature. 

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LLB Course: An Overview

LLB Courses undertake the study of legal subjects dealing with the issues and conflicts closely tied to society and morality. The students pursuing this course acquire knowledge of the law applicable to legislative, executive, and judiciary institutions, bureaucracy, or civil society. LLB courses also allow students to specialise in particular areas of law. The specialisations offered in law courses are:

  • Constitutional Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Taxation Law
  • Labour Law
  • Energy Law
  • Banking, Finance, and Insurance Law
  • International Trade and Investment Law
  • Cyber Law

Law is a broad field. Thus, there are an array of specialisations to choose from. Opting for a law specialisation during the LLB course can help the students prepare for a successful legal career.

Top Career Options After Pursuing an LLB Course

Here are some of the most promising career options after pursuing an LLB course.


An advocate is a person who adds their voice by representing another person in the court. Advocates are professional law specialists with the competency to represent clients for their issues in legal matters. Thus, advocacy is one of the chief career options chosen by LLB graduates. 

Legal Advisor

A legal advisor is a professional who offers insightful legal advice to their clients on legal documents, issues, and decisions. Companies and businesses hire legal advisors to align their operations with legality. Legal advisors are high in demand as companies and businesses require a legal expert to enlighten them on legal subjects.

Legal Manager

The legal manager for any established business or company is responsible for looking after all the organisation’s legal matters. A career as a legal manager has been high in demand for the past few years as it is a combination of management and legal fields. 


Judiciary is considered one of the best options for LLB graduates if they aim to work at the heart of administrative affairs. In the judiciary, they may work as a Magistrate or judge for their country. 

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Legal Outsourcing

Legal outsourcing refers to a practice where a law first obtains legal services from any external firm. There are countless opportunities in this field that potential law graduates are discovering.

Legal Analyst

The growing corporate firms hire a legal analyst. They analyse the law spheres of the company and their function. Their role is primarily to support and assist individual lawyers and legal teams with their expertise. 

Corporate Counselor

A corporate counselor works for a single organisation or business. They offer their expert advice, protection, and interpretation for their employer’s legal proceedings.

Legal Publishing and Journalist

With an LLB course, you develop extensive knowledge of the law that you can apply to in publishing legal journals or papers. If you have the capabilities to write, you can write legal reports for newspaper and legal publications. 

So, completing an LLB course could be your first step towards an industry-aligned and futuristic career. After completing LLB, an individual can opt for an LLM degree to gain more advanced knowledge of the field. An LLB degree is a future-proof degree that can help you attain professional success. Know the options well, and opt for an LLB course!

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