Good Reasons for You to Own a Private Label Medicinal Mushroom Supplements Brand

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Certain varieties of mushrooms like the white button and the oyster are known to be a culinary delight on many a palate but not many people know about medicinal mushrooms.


Certain varieties of mushrooms like the white button and the oyster are known to be a culinary delight on many a palate but not many people know about medicinal mushrooms. These may not be a treat for your taste buds but are extremely effective for your good health. In the fast-growing dietary supplements industry, medicinal mushroom-based products have carved a special place for themselves. If you are looking forward to a business selling your own medicinal mushroom-based supplement brand, look for a reliable and capable private label supplement manufacturing company for seamless supplies.

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Health benefits of medicinal mushrooms

As with a lot of other dietary supplements, medicinal mushrooms offer several health benefits. They act as energy boosters, help recover muscle strength, improve heart health, strengthen immunity, help improve concentration and are loaded with antioxidants among other benefits.

There are over 10,000 known species of mushrooms and no dietary supplement manufacturer would have researched even a tenth of them, let alone used them. Still whatever they are using to make their supplements are already a hit with customers if we consider the compounded annual growth rate projections of 6-7% for the next 2 years. 

A new segment in the dietary supplements market 

The overall dietary supplements market is now mature enough with a market worth close to $100 billion in the United States alone. The mushroom-based supplements segment accounts for nearly $8 billion which is a significant share of this huge and fast-growing market for all kinds of supplements. 

The best mushroom-based supplements are those that have a balanced mix of the different varieties of medicinal mushrooms that are in use currently. Only quality private label supplement manufacturers can find the right balance of proportion in their formulation that goes into a capsule. 

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Find a reliable and capable manufacturer 

There is no doubt that the mushroom-based supplements make for a lucrative market but you will need to combine the right resources with your marketing efforts to make a dent in it. First, you need to partner with a reliable and capable private label supplements manufacturer, who will honor supply timelines. 

You would ideally want to work with a private label supplement manufacturer who not just supplies you the supplement in bulk but also designs and prints the labels, fills and seals the product and also packages it. This kind of turnkey product solution will save you a whole lot of time, effort and money that you would otherwise end up spending in those additional activities. 

It is a huge market with tremendous scope of growth because of the rising health consciousness among a large section of the people. People understand that they will never get anywhere near the right amount of nutrients with the regular mass-produced food they eat. Besides, the near total use of strong and harmful chemicals in agriculture has resulted in millions of people developing medical conditions that were unheard of earlier. People are looking for alternative sources of nutrients and this demand has manifested in the huge and growing dietary supplements market. The Emerald Corp is a renowned white label supplement manufacturer offering turnkey solutions to suit the varying needs of their marketing partners and customers.