Popular Link Building Myths in 2021: Debunked

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The blog seeks to debunk some of the popular link building myths in 2021 and guide you in the right direction. Check it out.

Link building is a crucial aspect of search engine optimization. There are lots of resources on the best link building practices on the web. However, many of them are faulty or not-so-useful. Practising such link building tips won’t help improve your rank or earn authority in the industry. Today, we will debunk such link building myths that are pretty popular but not useful. An understanding of these will keep you on the right track. Check out the following sections to know all about it.

Link Building Myths 2021 – Debunked

  • You Should Acquire Only High DA Links

High DA (domain authority) links are always preferred, but that doesn’t mean you should discard low DA links altogether. Low DA may not always mean that the site is not qualitative. Maybe the site is newly launched.

Therefore, while searching for websites from where you can acquire inbound links, check their domain age. If you find that the site has quality content and relevant to your niche, consider working with it.

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  • Top-Rated News Sites Don’t Offer Do-Follow Links 

Many SEO practitioners often avoid popular news portals believing that they only offer no-follow links. However, the masters of SEO services found out that this is nothing but a myth! 

Even top-tier news sites like USA Today, The Telegraph, The Sun, TechRadar, etc., can publish articles with do-follow links.

Yes, these widely popular sites have strict editorial policies, and you may need to work really hard to produce extremely rich content to get a do-follow link. If possible, try to uncover the latest editorial policies (they change frequently!) and create content accordingly.

You can drop a personal note to them to check if linking is okay. You may receive a negative answer, but some may explain why they cannot publish an article with a do-follow link. Accumulate these editorial policies and you may go on to pursue them some way or the other. 

  • Link Building is Useless if Your Rank High on the SERP 

Many marketers believe this but let us burst the bubble! Even if you already have a high rank, link building is crucial. It is a consistent effort and you need to continue it if you want to maintain the high rank. 

In fact, you may see rank fluctuations as other websites outweighs your web presence optimization efforts. And link building, too, is a part of it. 

Consistent link building will not only help you to maintain your high rank but also improve your brand’s authority & value and drive more referral traffic to your site. 

  • Internal Links Don’t Help in Winning a High Rank   

We cannot disagree more! Internal links play a crucial role in your all-over link building efforts. That’s because when a high ranking page links to a newly added or low ranking page, it gives a boost to the weak pages. 

The experts of digital marketing services call it a topic cluster – a group of interlinked web pages. These are built around a single piece of pillar content targeting a broad topic, linking to several related and narrowly focused pages. 

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  • Wikipedia is the King of Domain Authority 

Many are convinced with the fact that obtaining a link back from Wikipedia will boost their rank. 

Well, that’s not true! Gary Illyes, the Google Webmaster trends analyst, asserts, “Wikipedia is ranked just like any other website”. Therefore, a backlink from Wikipedia is nothing different from any other high DA website.

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  • You Must Use Exact Match Anchor 

In the earlier days, using exact match anchors for backlinking was a strategy. Something worked for someone back then. And that gave rise to the myth that one must use exact match anchors for backlinking. 

In fact, search engine robots may consider a content to be spammy if it consists only of such links. Therefore, maintain a balance. Use exact match, phrase match, partial match anchor, and other variations for link building. Just pay attention to the relevance and quality. 

  • Links are the Only Ranking Factor 

Backlinking is a crucial ranking factor, but is it the only ranking factor? 

Nope. Search engine ranking factors are pretty dynamic. It takes numerous things such as page speed, mobile-friendliness, site security and accessibility, on-page SEO efforts, user experience, social media presence, credentials, etc., into account before rewarding a website with a high rank.  

Therefore, you better pay attention to each element and try to improve all the factors.

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Wrapping Up 

There you go, some of the widely “popular” myths debunked! Instead of blindly following any and every practice you come across, it’s better to follow the right steps. We hope that our article helped to wipe some useless strategies off your list and made your task easy. If you are still not sure where to start, engaging professional SEO services from a trusted and experienced company will come to your aid. 


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