Our Top Tips for Choosing the Best Nile Cruise in Egypt

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Our Top Tips for Choosing the Best Nile Cruise in Egypt

Our Top Tips for Choosing the Best Nile Cruise in Egypt

Nile Cruise has been popular with Egyptians for a long time, so it’s no surprise that it’s an excellent way to experience the finest of Egypt and everything it has to offer. As a result of the high demand for Nile cruises, it may be difficult for people making their first trip to Egypt to go through all of the available alternatives. Don’t worry, we’ll explain the distinctions between Nile cruise in this post, as well as the most important items to look for and consider when booking your own Egypt vacation.

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On a Nile Cruise, What Do You See?

Traveling from Luxor to Aswan, Nile cruise make port-of-calls at these popular tourist destinations along the way:


Egypt’s most fascinating and intriguing sights may be found in Luxor. The Valley of Kings, where the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs once rested, may be found here. There are still many of these graves to be found in these hills, despite the fact that several have already been discovered. Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, and the Temple of the Queen of Hatshepsut will all be on your itinerary.

The Colossi of Memnon, the Valley of the Queens, and a number of museums, such as the intriguing museum of mummification, are all worth seeing as a side Nile Cruise from the city. A hot air balloon flight above Luxor is another popular activity in the area. Sunrise over the Nile and Valley of the Kings is a very spectacular experience.


The best-preserved temple in Egypt is Edfu’s temple to the deity Horus, and it’s a must-see for everyone traveling to the nation. The sculptures and hieroglyphics at the Edfu temple have been invaluable to archaeologists and Egyptologists in their efforts to understand the rites of ancient Egypt.

Edfu is Egypt’s second-largest temple after Karnak, and construction took more than two centuries. The Passage of Victory, which depicts the battle between Horus and Seth, and the Hypostyle Hall, which features carvings of the ingredients and recipes needed to make different perfumes, are three of the temple’s most notable features. The Nilometer was used to measure the height of the Nile to help predict future harvests.

The Kom Ombo

Nile Cruise will show the fact that Kom Ombo is a tiny town, the temple there is absolutely worth the time. Horus, the falcon deity, and Sobek, the crocodile god are both worshipped in the temple, which makes it unique. There are two of everything in this temple, despite the fact that there is only one.

The crocodile museum is another must-see in Kom Ombo. There are 22 crocodile mummies on display here, in addition to the human mummies you may have seen in the Egyptian Museum. A few crocodile coffins will be shown, which I guarantee you have never seen before.

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Where Do You Plan to Begin Your Nile Cruise Trip?

Nile Cruise departs from either Aswan or Luxor as their embarkation point. No matter where you begin your journey, you’ll see and do the same things regardless of where your beginning. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Luxor’s hot air balloon trip is one of the most popular things to do in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. In order to participate in this, you’ll have to schedule your cruise around this. In most cases, you will have plenty of time to take a hot air balloon trip before embarking on your cruise, since these flights take place before dawn. You may not want to leap immediately from the balloon trip to the sights if you schedule both on the same day, since it is a very early morning start.

The southern Egyptian temple of Abu Simbel may be accessed by vehicle or air and is a popular early morning excursion from Aswan. It’s a good idea to check with your tour operator to see whether this activity may be scheduled to coincide with your cruise.