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It is the tale of a several Lahore, Sana and Dawood, who acknowledged to everybody that genuine affection is more significant regardless of what’s the other say or what’s the good and bad times come throughout everyday life. As the tale of adoration in the past that numerous individuals do bargains, exertion and compose the new best story of their affection on the planet now today same as the tale of youthful couple Dawood and Sana’s life how they can deal with the issues and how they wedded together. How about we read this article to know the account of this best and most fiery couple.

Love-now matter what’s the condition is, assuming you really love somebody, make your adoration your solidarity in light of the fact that caring somebody gives you boldness.

story of Sana and Dawood

It is the account of Dawood Siddiqui and s the last November. It was the greatest day in Dawood’s life on the grounds that Dawood’s family orchestrated a supper, and Sana, a Dawood uncles’ little girl and his genuine affection, likewise went to that supper. Dawood is an excessive amount of energy on that day for the supper gathering.

Dawood was occupied in anticipation of the social affair and aided his family allly. Simultaneously the call of Dawood father was coming, he educated him to take a pole of iron to the rooftop. Dawood adheres to his dad’s guidelines and pick the long iron bar and take it to the rooftop. He didn’t have any acquaintance with it was the exact opposite thing of his that its hands picked it. So unexpectedly there was a sharp, noisy clamor was come that stun its entire area.

At the point when the Dawood goes to the rooftop with the iron bar, this iron street contact with the powerline and 11 kg of power severely hit the Dawood. To hear the commotion of noisy, his relative goes to the rooftop that what occurs through which the clamor each one heard and saw that Dawood’s body is the marsh on fire. His relative put the sand on Dawood’s body to dispose of his body on the fire consume.

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Dawood’s body was seriously harmed, and following a couple of moments, he recovered awareness and said in his heart, something was going on. He is shouting because of torment. At that point promptly, his family surged him to the emergency clinic that is close to his home. Because of severely harmed, the close by clinic specialist alluded him to go to Jinnah emergency clinic quickly. At Jinnah emergency clinic, he was conceded to the consume unit’s activity theater.

The expert specialist saw him and safe Dawood’s life since it was too hard to even think about saving Dawood’s life after the serious injury. Specialists chose to eliminate his arms and one leg. This choice was an extreme choice for his family, particularly for the Dawood of his life and the activity span is eight hours. After the activity of eight hours, when Sana was heard that horrible information, she arrived at the emergency clinic with a cousin. She goes to the clinical ward and saw Dawood, whose entire body was canvassed in bandages. His face was swollen, and the eyes were shut.

At that point Sana called his name in the ear of Dawood, and promptly Dawood open his eyes and the primary thing around then in Dawood mind was that what will occur on the off chance that she leaves him or not? Since in medical clinic front of the Dawood bed, another patient additionally drew in; for reasons unknown, he cut his finger, because of this explanation, his life partner left him. Yet, Sana was a young lady who is unique in relation to the present young lady who really cherishes Dawood and her definite Dawood that she won’t ever leave him whether what’s the condition is. The specialists persistently say it a lot of outlandish that he will endure, yet can in any case contend to the specialist to save his life and appeal to God, and then her supplications have acknowledged the existence of Dawood is protected, yet cut his arms and leg.

Sana told his Family

At the point when Sana advised his family that she needed to wed Dawood, his family protested that Dawood was deadened. He further didn’t deal with her more since he is no leg or arms, and life was too long how them can consume their time on earth with him. Sana’s dad said will you leave our family just for one man? In any case, Sana told each individual from his family that he is no consideration what will befall Dawood. She adores him and consistently deals with him, and she needed to wed him.

At that point Dawood likewise attempt to persuade Sana that her family was correct, yet she oppose this idea. She needed to wed him since she adored Dawood. She didn’t leave Dawood. At that point Sana goes to the court and say we needed to wed and we are grown-up, and then they will wed in the court and then live with the Dawood uncle.

At the point when Sana was recounting their story, she said that Dawood was stressed over how they can go through their time on earth since now Dawood couldn’t tackle their job how they can deal with her, yet Sana sure him she is consistently with him in each condition. Presently Sana accomplishes all work of Dawood with no griping’s or demands. Dawood says in the meeting that Sana is a solid young lady in his troublesome time when nobody is with him around then, Sana was the one in particular who stands with him, and she got an opportunity to leave him and wed that individual who is smarter to Dawood. All things considered, Sana didn’t go. She weds him and demonstrates to everybody that make your adoration is your solidarity, not shortcoming.

Indeed, even the administrator of Baitul shopping center of Punjab, Muhammad Azam, visited the Dawood uncle house to meet that couple and said he generally read the tales of loves. In any case, he never accepts that it’s actual would someone be able to do all thing just for their adoration however now he advised Sana to make the best story on the planet records of their affection. And the best thing is the CM of Punjab declared the money of 50,000 to help this youthful best couple.

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