Most Common Types Of Workplace Injuries

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Most Common Types Of Workplace Injuries

Workplaces are meant to safeguard themselves and their employees by implementing safety terms, policies, and measures. Prevention of an accident in the workplace is an important part of the company’s safety program. Despite such measures, there might be situations that lead to an accident of the employee. Especially, there are certain industries that are dangerous places to work and must ensure workers are wearing proper safety gear and working. In case the employer is not concerned about the employee’s safety and does not follow safety protocols, then an employee can sue such an employer with the help of a workplace injury lawyer. 

According to The Law Offices of Gallner and Pattermann, PC, the most common types of workplace injuries are:-

Slips and falls: Slips and falls are the most common ways in which workers get their injuries. They are the main cause of worker’s compensation claims. Such slips, trips, and falls lead to some serious injuries like brain injuries, back and neck injuries, broken bones, cuts, sprains, etc. Some examples are – 

  • Slips due to wet or oily surfaces, loose rugs, spills, etc.
  • Trip due to poor lighting, uncovered cables, uneven walking surface, etc. 
  • Fall from ladders, roofs, or other construction areas

Such injuries can be prevented by following measures laid down in Occupational Safety and Health Association’s (OSHA) fall protection requirements.

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Being struck by or caught in moving machinery: Such accidents are common in industries, manufacturing plants, construction sites, etc. where heavy machinery and equipment are commonly used. Such heavy machines and equipment must be guarded properly and taken care of under regular repairs and maintenance. If not then it can cause some of the most tragic accidents and injuries leading to loss of body parts or permanent disability. 

Fires and explosions: Such accidents can cause severe burns damaging the body tissue and leading to disfigurement. Fires and explosions lead to some of the most painful injuries and sometimes even death. The injuries in an explosion are categorized into the following:-

  • Primary blast – injuries from the blast wave due to high explosions
  • Secondary blast – Injuries from flying debris from blast wind
  • Tertiary blast – injuries from displacement through the air or a structure collapse
  • Quaternary blast – injuries from burns, radiation, and inhaling toxins

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Crashes: Accidents from crashes and collisions also lead to fatal injuries. Such injuries happen from collisions with heavy-moving vehicles like lorries, vans, or forklift trucks. 

Every company has a worker’s compensation benefits claim in case their employees are injured in a workplace accident or while on the job. The worker’s compensation claim is every employee’s right and if they are denied their claim or are asked to settle for a less amount of claim, it is best to hire a reputed worker’s compensation attorney.