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Introduction to Lookah Unicorn Quartz Coils 

So let’s begin with the introduction of Lookah unicorn quartz coil. These coils were developed to conserve flavonoids and terpenes. These quartz coils contain three coils that place to provide the specific temperature. These coils heat up nicely in few seconds while, on the other hand, the ceramic coils help them maintain that heat for a long time.

The coils are essential for the provision of heat for good hits. So for the heavy vapor, better taste, flavor, and experience, it is recommended to use them manually. Let me tell you one very crucial thing here that these coils win the jumbo pack. These coils usually come with a pack of 3.

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Lookah Unicorn Quartz Coil Features

These are some of the updated features that Lookah unicorns provide to their customers in their launch 1. So let’s have a quick glimpse at these:

  • Use with a portable electric dab rig 

These coils can be sue only for the manageable electric dab rig. These replaceable quartz coils will provide you rich flavors, and the holes along the coils provide even temperature in less time and help you vape properly.

  • Retain better heat 

Lookah unicorn quartz coil with the ceramic dish helps to maintain the heat with maximum efficiency. This whole setup with incredible features helps to maintain rich flavor on each hit. So get your kit now and enjoy!

  • Best taste and heavy vapors

These quartz coils provide rich flavors and better flavor on the manual mode. So it is recommended to use them with the manual unicorn coil one mode.

  • Premium package 

This premium package contains about three coils among them, but don’t forget that they cannot run with any E-liquid.

Lookah Unicorn Quartz Coils 1 Use

  • The very first step that you’ve to perform is to remove the magnetic tip of the rig.
  • Now put the tiny amount of concentrate that is your favorite
  • So replace the magnetic tip
  • Let’s press the unicorn button at least five times to run it
  • Now reset the even temperature that would be suitable for you
  • Thus start the auto heat button and press it about three times
  • You can go to the manual mode as well for this purpose

When the temperature reaches its optimum point, then it’ll flash the light and vibrate as well. Hence now you’re ready to enjoy the big rips with the rich flavors from this incredible E-rig.

Some additional tools with quartz coils in a pack

  • One * atomizers with dish
  • 1 * extra quartz dish

Lookah Unicorn quartz coil consists of one atomizer base along with two quartz dishes. These are provided to use with the e-rig, and the atomizer comes up with the complete dish. There’s another four dishes pack that will help you out with the hundreds of dabs approximately.

In the unicorn rig, the atomizer base gets screwed on the atomizer slot. So in the bottom of the quartz base, these quartz dishes sit on the pancake coils, and thus ultimately, these coils heat the dish. Hence the heated dish in run vaporizes your concentrate appropriately.

Benefits of Lookah quartz coils

These are some of the advantages of Lookah Unicorn quartz coils 1 that will insist the customers stick around this brand. Thus have a look at these:

  • These quartz coils help in preserving the full flavors, and thus you wouldn’t lose the flavonoids and terpenes immediately
  • The holes in quartz coils help in providing the best possible temperature
  • The ceramic dish in these coils helps to retain temperature
  • Every hit consists of rich flavors

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if my coils don’t get charged?

  • If you face charging problems, then do try these steps:
  • Firstly check if the indicator light is flashing and if yes, then in which color
  • Check if there’s any damage to the charging slot or USB cable
  • It might be your charging slot is dirty, so clean it with isopropyl alcohol
  • Give a try to another USB charger or port

How can I get the unicorn quartz coil accessories?

You can get the accessories from our online shop and where we all the accessories and the atomizers etc.


So that’s all, peeps! I hope you liked my efforts and now have enough knowledge about the Lookah unicorn quartz coils 1, working, functions, features, and benefits, etc. Thus check out the whole article and then opt for the best product for a better experience.

Don’t forget to read our instructional manual that will help you a lot about its use. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab these incredibly useful quartz coils now and enjoy the most fantastic vape experience that you must have never taste before! Thank you!

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