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Rewinding your past experiences if anything reminds you to smile in the moments shared with your loved ones and times during your travels. To the explorers traveling stands beyond a hobby into the significance of profession and scope; Artist, photographers, tourist, scientist, and discoverers falls into this particular classification, for they don’t need a reason to ventures and tour for them is their next destination.

Most Featured Travel Destination:

Our globe-Planet Earth is more of a gas than a liquid ball while outer space is an absolute vacuum. Within the lands, scientific distribution lies between three layers but our interest to the points is to the lands which divide among oceans, rivers, lakes, plains, mountains, hills, valleys, peninsula, plateaus, volcanos, basins, and desert and at last into islands. The state you picked will be your new inspiration to prosper and furnish the possibility of how naïve we have been sitting between the four walls of our homes. Traveling from Flydubai and Coupon.ae will provide opportunities with massive saving coming from Flydubai Code.



Dubai tends to be the heart and warms of travelers, emerged from the deserted land, the immigrants and the highness with its intense efforts structures it with buildings, houses, and an artificial island. Renowned for having the tallest building-”Burj Khalif”, fronted with a dancing water fountain, the place is immensely crowded during the New Year. The city lands the biggest mall into its grounds, selling all international and local products at discounted rates seasonally. Containing heritage from its traditional architect and Museums, the Dubai aquarium is a spontaneous insta-click.

Sri Lanka

An island country names Sri Lanka is the traveling hub for nature lovers. The countries economics depend majorly on its tourism although tea and transport are part of its resources. Eminent for its beaches, palm trees, and cultural places, it’s very rich in seafood the advantage of being surrounded by shoving waves is the Surfers outraging fascination. While Dambulla cave temple and temple of tooth sign the religious spots, woodlands, spontaneous mountain roads and hills speak bold drifts and thrill. Browse Coupon.ae and acquire the offers standing with Flydubai Code.

Tanzania – Africa

Allocated in South Africa, Tanzania the city of Mountain-hikers establishes around Mount Kilimanjaro-Africa’s Highest Peak. Wildlife in Tanzania is immensely populated, visitors get to see the parade of elephants, coalition of cheetah, an obstinacy of buffalo, hunts of a lioness, and cones of Rhinos secured within the national park.

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Zanzibar the island across Tanzania has shimmering water waves which sparkle during the night from glimmering stars. The outstanding culture of food is indispensably fresh and quoting. The paradise is full of charming people who have restored their traditions in their jewelry and stone crafting.


The most peaceful place on the planet is blued from its coast, villages, and tremendously occupying Indian oceans. The luxury resorts and sandy culture of Oman are very prestigious. The tour is often stroke with the cuddling dolphins. Among few sites, Coupon.ae is unbelievably offering discounts on everything at flydubai what you need to do is Just insert your Flydubai Code.