Law Firm Administrator: What Is It? and How to Become One?

Juliet D'cruz

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Law firm administrators essentially manage secretarial and/or legal matters. Duties can vary based on the position, size of the firm, and a candidate’s talents. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics sees a projected growth of 15% for paralegals, legal assistants, and law firm administrators between now and 2026.

The best way to become one of these professionals is to get a bachelor of paralegal studies.

What Is a Law Firm Administrator?

The law firm administrator manages aspects of business operations. While legal teams are dealing with clients, courts, and prosecutors, the admin ensures the office and its resources are operating to every staffer’s advantage.

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What Does a Law Administrator Do?

Law firm administrators are tasked with human resourcing, office management, bookkeeping, and other responsibilities. These professionals manage budgets and payroll. They oversee non-attorney personnel, including paralegals and assistants. The administrator might order supplies, write contracts or promote the firm.

The exact nature of the position can vary based on the firm. Smaller firms may ask several tasks of a candidate. Bigger firms can spread responsibilities across several individuals.

Legal firm administrators aren’t found only in law firms. They may work for private organizations within the company’s legal department. The professionals also work with the court system, government agencies, insurance companies, and nonprofits.

How to Become a Law Firm Administrator

A career in law firm administration requires a bachelor of paralegal studies from a reputable place like This is the surest path to a future in the legal system.

Research and analytical thinking are the core of the degree. Studies include legal proceedings, criminal processes, and document preparation. Curriculums may encompass business studies as well. There will likely be fieldwork and case studies. The program will also include prep for passing paralegal certification exams.

The bachelor in paralegal studies program can offer classes in specific fields of law such as real estate, family law, or wills and estates. Opportunities can also include civil rights programming. These include studies in community resources, victim advocacy, and legal technology.

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With studies in unique fields, candidates increase their chances of getting positions that align with ambitions. For example, to succeed in the insurance industry, a candidate has a greater chance if familiar with risk management and policy compliance.

Another path to the position is developing law office experience and skills as an administrative assistant or legal assistant within a firm.

Other options can influence hiring decisions. Depending on the hiring party, they may accept certifications from the CLM (Certified Legal Manager) or ALA (Association of Legal Administrators).

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What to Do With Your Bachelor in Paralegal Studies Degree

Law firm administrators work with legal professionals, assistants, and clerks but they often work independently. Many positions require synthesizing information and researching.

Besides needing specific hard skills, a legal administrator has to have exceptional soft skills. They need to be organized and be able to communicate clearly. Interpersonal skills for policy-based and detail-oriented projects are a must.

A bachelor in paralegal studies shows hiring managers a candidate has proven they’ve taken all the steps required to be an asset.