Jewellery styling basics that every woman should know

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You have an overflowing jewelry box filled with pieces you adore or love, but you don’t know when to wear them to make the most of it. Or maybe you doubt yourself when it comes to choosing the right jewelry to go with a look. Do you often wonder how to choose and style jewellery to compliment yourself and your wardrobe without being boring? Sounds familiar? Read on!

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We’ve all been there. Styling a look with the right jewellery is an art that one learns with practice and a keen eye for details. However, the good news is that we have created a guide of a few basics of jewellery styling that every woman should know to help you begin your love affair with fine jewellery. Let’s jump in!

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  1. Choose your earrings carefully: Earrings are one of the most important pieces of jewellery that one can wear as they fall in the field of vision of anyone conversing with you. Earrings tend to beautifully draw attention to your pretty face and hair and hence should be chosen wisely. Your earrings should suit your outfit, your face shape, your hair, and your skin tone. It is a great idea to go for dangler earrings if you have a long neck. Experiment with different metals and shapes of earrings to find the ones that suit you best.
  2. Choose your necklace according to the neckline: When choosing a necklace for any outfit, paying careful attention to the neckline is a must. A general rule when it comes to necklaces is either it should be shorter than the neckline or long enough to sit above the outfit. Additionally, look for elements that suit your face shape. 
  3. Layer your jewellery pieces: A great way to get creative and have fun with your looks is by creating layers in your jewellery. You can layer necklaces of different lengths with similar patterns or elements to draw attention up to your face. Creating an arm party by layering your bracelets and bangles is a great way to add some interesting elements to your look as well as your hand movements. Check here for jewellery pieces in different colors, metals, and textures.
  4. Know when to stop: While layering jewellery and experiment is a lot of fun, one needs to know where to stop. Wearing everything or too much at once can simply ruin the look. Try to not go overboard and layer only one or two aspects of the look. Another great rule to follow when stacking jewellery is to remove one accessory before stepping out of your home.
  5. Mix metals: You do not need to stick to one kind of metal when looking to shop fine jewellery online anymore. Experiment by mixing metals and make the look more interesting. Think about a stack of bracelets and bangles that combine different metals or pendants with a contrast in the color of chain. This will add color and vibrancy to your look.
  6. Define a focal point: It is a great practice to decide on a focal point of your look when styling with jewellery. It is the place where you want to direct people’s gaze. This place of visual focus can be different body areas like the neck, ears, hands, etc. Go for statement earrings to draw attention to your face or a pretty bracelet to draw focus to your wrist.

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While the above tips will help you start to experiment with jewellery, the most important rule of fashion is to break all the rules. You need to make sure to go with your gut and experiment to find out what looks good on you!

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