Is There Such a Thing As the Best Cold Press Juicer?

Juliet D'cruz

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Which one is the best cold press juicer?

A pragmatic answer would be the one that you can afford. Cold press juicers are anything but cheap. Even the cheaper ones are not exactly cheap. Compared to centrifugal ones, they are twice more expensive.

Why are cold press juicers more expensive?

The reason why these juicers are more expensive than centrifugal ones is the quality of the parts and their design. A cold press juicer needs to have a strong enough motor to push a applied thousands of pounds of force onto a press which in turn extracts the juice from the pulp of fruits and vegetables. The result is a clear fruit juice with little if any pulp in it at all.

Centrifugal ones simply spin some blades at very high speeds which shreds the fruits into tiny pieces without fully extracting the juice from the pulp. The result is a mix of juice and pulp that is not that pleasant to drink. Some of these juicers even heat the pulp in the process by simple mechanical friction.

Which cold press juicer should you get?

It would be easy to recommend a Philips or Cuisinart juicer. You could walk a thousand miles and you would still not find a single person that is not familiar with Philips. Cuisinart is less known, but their juicers are comparable to Philips in both price and reliability. If it weren’t for the high prices of these two brands, it would be difficult not to recommend any of the two to anyone.

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What you could do is to go for a brand that does not have cold press juicers as their core business. Kenwood is one such example. Most consumers know the brand for their audio equipment, and they do not disappoint by any means. Kenwood makes great speakers and amplifiers especially for their automotive sectors, but they also make a few great juicers.

One such example would be their PureJuice One Slow Juicer. Yes, the name is odd but the product itself is anything but odd. It is well designed and made with metal internal parts. The upsell is the lower price tag but there are some compromises to be made. On the outside, there are mostly parts made of plastic but nothing is wiggling or feels flimsy. The important parts, the press itself is made using what you would expect and that would be steel and small metal parts.

Would this be the best cold press juicer?

One could make the same argument for another model from a different maker. If everyone would agree that there is one juicer that is the absolute best in terms of durability and price tag or value for money, all other juicers would just not sell at all. The best cold press juicer is the one that you can afford.

The moment you start using a cold press juicer you should start experimenting with different types of juices. Just be mindful about what it is that you are putting in your body. A glass of orange juice is made of 4 oranges. Would you be able to eat 4 oranges and feel good afterward? Probably not. There are still a lot of sugars in fruits. Try out different mixes of fruits and vegetables. You will certainly be healthier but do not overdo it when it comes to juice made exclusively from sweet fruits.

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