In Depth Guide To Indica, Sativa, And Hybrid Cannabis

Juliet D'cruz

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For the average user, there isn’t much to be said about the different strain of weed. In fact, there are users who just consume whatever they get. But this should not be the case. Despite the fact that the differences are negligible at face value, there are whooping differences when you consider them at biochemical level. In this article, we will get an in depth guide o indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis.

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What about sativa?

This is the marijuana for hot and dry climates with a lot of sunshine to show for on a daily basis. Thus, countries like the southeast Asia, Central America and Africa are the primary growing zones of cannabis sativa. Though the plant can still thrive in other climates different than what is described. The downside to the growing this plant is that it takes the longest to mature when compared to other cannabis types. It is also characteristic for its finger like leaves and tall nature.

We know that sativa has low levels of cannabidiol (CBD) but is highly loaded with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This makes it the plant variety that packs the greatest high with intense energizing effects. it is for increased productivity hence users can benefit more when it is used during the day. Weed deliver services Kitchener can deliver your sativa in bulk to your location of interest for daily use.

What about indica? 

Indica is almost synonymous with Afghanistan because this is where the strongest indica strains originate. But the plant also originates, in large part, from Pakistan, India, and Turkey. It is the typical Kush that has adapted to the harsh climatic conditions around the Kush mountains in these regions. Unlike the sativa, indica is relatively short and has a bushy greenery with wide and broad leaves that make it stand out in comparison with sativa. Its growth is also comparatively faster when compared to sativa with a higher yield of buds as well.

This variety has a higher level of CBD and the THC is also significantly high. The ration of THC to CBD is balanced. This biochemical profile makes indica the ideal variety for deep relaxation, appetite stimulation, and inhibition of pain. These effects also ensure that indica is the variant you want brought to you by the best weed delivery service Cambridge for nighttime use due to its relaxation effects. it not only induces sleep faster but also works to sustain that sleep for longer once you fall asleep. the only challenge is that if you sleep without eating then you may wake up a very hungry person because its appetite stimulation effects are quite significant and will make you burn with hunger.

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What about hybrid?

Many marijuana delivery services Kitchener nowadays market the hybrid variety to popularize the benefits of both sativa and indica. The hybrid strain is typically grown in green houses and are as a result of reproducing a combination of both the sativa and indica varieties. The physical appearance of a hybrid depends on the parent plant. As far as cannabis hybrids are concerned, they are typically grown to increase their THC yield. Thus, there is no standard level or ratio comparison between the THC and CBD level. These all depend on the parent plant and can be determined by independent laboratory testing once the plant has been harvested.

Depending on the biochemical profile, the effects of hybrids can vary across the spectrum from the rejuvenating effects of sativa to the relaxing effects of indica. Thus, hybrids can be specifically grown for a particular purpose such as sleep enhancement, pain alleviation, energy boosting, and anxiety reduction. Hybrids can also be used at any time of the day depending on the composition and biochemical profile. You’ll find them categorized as indica-dominant, balanced, or sativa-dominant strains.


Marijuana delivery services waterloo provide different types of marijuana products. These products range from sativa to indica to hybrid strains. All the varieties have different effects and benefits that can be explored once you understand the implication of their biochemical profiles. When carefully considered, you can have different products for different times of the day and also use different strains to alleviate various symptoms.