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Children often experience things differently from grown-ups. Some incidents might appear more vivid to them because they are undergoing the situation for the first time. When they encounter something unpleasant, it leaves scars in their young minds. Some grow a strong hatred against the law, while others might develop an unnecessary fear of the police system. A child is heavily dependent on his parent and thinks that his parent can do no wrong. Having his beliefs shattered can lead to a traumatic experience. Continue reading this article to find out the remedy to the situation.  

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Have an Honest Talk with Them: It is crucial to have an open conversation with the kids. Just like adults, the kids need context and justifications too. They deserve to know what happened to their parent and when they will return home. When you tell them what exactly happened that led to his parent’s arrests, he may have some questions. Be sure to answer them with clarity. When you have a discussion, it is a two-way process; you have to listen to what the child has to say and respond. 

  • Create a calm setting that allows the child to engage in a conversation. Don’t spring the topic on him all of a sudden, as he might find the discussion distressing. 
  • If he wants to leave the conversation midway, do not force him to stay and talk about what you had planned. Instead, let him disengage for the moment and find a better timing. You should under no circumstance make the child uncomfortable. 
  • Leave out any gory details that might traumatize the child. Do not paint a picture that makes him hate his parent as the parent is not here to defend himself. 

Contact a Psychologist: A child may face social stigma after his parent’s arrest. If he is a teen and goes to school, other children may make fun of his situation and be unnecessarily mean. The bullying he faces in his social circle will have a negative effect on his personality growth. He might feel guilty and ostracized by his peers. If he bottles up his emotions, it might harm his mental growth. He might channel his frustration in an unproductive manner. If you find a sudden shift in behavior in him, it is time to consult a psychologist who can strategically analyze the situation and provide an effective solution. 

Parent’s Bail: In case of a sudden arrest, the parent in question gets no time to talk with the child. Therefore, it is his duty to reach out to the child as soon as possible. The defendant should opt for bail to get back to his family. Unfortunately, it often happens that the accused might not have enough money to post the bail and therefore are forced to stay in jail. In such a scenario, he must opt for bail a bond which is an affordable way of getting out of jail before trial. In California, many bail bond agents work effectively to bail the poor defendants out so that they do not have to spend time in jail. For example, one may reach out to bail bonds Ventura to help post the bail on his behalf. The defendant will have to sign a bail contract and pay a non-refundable fee to the bond agent, and he is allowed to meet his family. 

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