How To Use A Machete In A Variety Of Ways

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Whenever you are contemplating the use of a tool you can always weigh your options. Usually, the single tool that allows the most functionality is the one worth investing in. Especially if you are someone who has a tough job and needs good equipment, getting one good tool is the goal. This logic applies more to knives than any other blade you might use. They are simple and well-crafted and can provide a whole lot of different conveniences. If you are looking for something that can take care of the heftier things, go for a machete. It is quite sturdy as well as durable and it can accomplish different tasks for you. But before we get into how to use a machete, let’s see what it is and why it’s so cool. 

Basically, you can define a knife like a machete if it is larger than usual and a lot heftier as well. The most identifiable feature is that a machete blade is wide and flat from the edge. It is shaped like a cleaver blade but is much larger and impactful in comparison. There are also different versions of machetes you will find in different cultures. But almost all these kinds are found in the United States and used frequently in many regions as well. The good news is that if you are looking for the best machete, you will find sufficient options to choose from. 

The Features And History Of A Machete Blade 

Knives are some of the most diverse tools you will find on the planet. It is not surprising that when it comes to blades, you have plenty of variations to consider. Machetes have been in use for centuries because they are multifunctional and very durable. They have actually been used in different parts of the world but they do have distinct origins. Some of the earliest uses of machetes were in tropical or regions with a rural population. Machetes were used as agricultural tools but they eventually also became war weapons. In countries like Indonesia, they were used by the army and are still in use in some regions to this day. The traditional fighting machete in this region was and is known as the kukri knife. It resembles a  very sharp boomerang and can be swung with great velocity as well.

You can identify it by a blade length that is usually somewhere between 10 to 25 inches in some cases. The second would be that while some would be straight, most would have a slight or significant curve in them. All machetes are made from the strongest metals so they can endure wear and tear. If you look at the western version, it is usually straighter and sleeker in shape. The traditional machete from South America, Native America, and Asia is a lot curvier than usual. 

Techniques Of Using Machetes Properly 

There isn’t a lot of stuff that you need to keep in mind using machetes but their performance can be enhanced. They are extremely useful in places where you need more force and less repetitiveness. 

The first way to use them would be hacking, which is generally used in agriculture. When you are farming, you need to harvest crops when they’re ready. Machetes are very useful for that process to take a bunch of crops, hack your blade and cut it swiftly. You need to swing your machete from side to side with speed and it will slice through whatever you’re cutting. 

The other more common technique is chopping, of course. In tropical regions, tough fruits like Taro and coconut are chopped using machetes. They can cut through the tough exterior of these fruits without much effort. In places like India and Hawaii, they are still used pretty frequently. 

Swinging goes hand in hand with chopping when you’re utilizing a machete. In survival training, they are handy tools for building shelters and clearing a path through thickets and brambles. You can swing your machete hard to cut down vines and make your way. It works really well for chopping wood and bamboo to make tents or living quarters in the wilderness. 

In fighting, if you are using a machete knife, you need to put as much in your arm as you can. The harder you swing the more effect it will have, and that’s why the machete weapon is useful for warfare. They can actually slash and even amputate someone if they come in contact with a swinging machete.

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Cool Machetes For Knife Collectors

For those people who use them on a daily basis, machetes don’t have much value as collectibles. But real knife enthusiasts admire their structure and design and long for valuable versions of it. You might be able to get your hands on some antiques that were used in war by soldiers. Other artifacts might be available as decorative pieces at pawn shops or passed down as heirlooms. But you should also be able to get contemporary machetes that are also collection-worthy. In that case, your local stores might not be the best place to look for them. Machetes aren’t exactly the most sought after blades when it comes to collectibles. 

For the most enthusiastic knife lovers, modern machetes are available online. If you want the best options, look at online stores that have more variety and a bigger inventory. PA Knives is one such online store that has an amazing array of impressive machetes in its collection. For the more new-age versions, you will find the right kind of blades with them. The point to be made is that anyone who likes to buy more knives at one time needs to think about budgets. 

If you are looking for more affordable versions, the best place is PA Knives as well. Unlike other local sources, they offer wholesale knives in bulk which saves you money. You can spend half the amount you usually would in the market and get more value for money. However you choose to use them, you will be spending less money and getting more return. Check out the PA Knives collection of machetes and choose the one you like the most now. 

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