How to Turn Your Neglected Garden into A Standout Space

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How to Turn Your Neglected Garden into A Standout Space

A beautiful garden is the cherry on top of any property. It is the easiest way for any homeowner to enjoy the outdoors and whether it is well-presented can be the difference between wanting to spend time outside or not.

It’s easy for your garden to become overgrown and neglected if left alone for a while. This can be a shame as a garden can make up a significant portion of your property and can detract from its overall appearance. 

In this article, we look at our top tips to help you get the most out of your garden and turn it from a neglected jungle into a space where you can make the most of the great outdoors. 

Spruce up your patio or decking 

A patio or decking is often where you will spend the most amount of time in your garden. If you have a patio, start by getting rid of moss and pulling out weeds that have grown in between the slabs. If you have a pressure washer, this can really help remove all the grime and will make your patio appear brand new. 

If you have a decking area, giving it a fresh lick of paint can make a massive difference. You can opt for whichever colour you want, however one way to really make your decking standout is to make use of large stencils to help you paint or spray designs onto your decking. A mosaic design is a potential option. 

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Repair and paint plant pots 

Your plant pots should be looking spic and span. Repair any broken ones with superglue and fill them with unique and interesting flowers to add variety. 

If you have paint that has been used to paint your decking, shed or fences, you could use this to paint your plant pots too so that they match the colour scheme of your garden. 

Add some lighting 

Some tasteful lighting is the perfect way to add character to your garden and will help it stand out when it starts to get dark. 

Fairy lights are a great option and can be draped over fences and sheds or in and around plants. They will also help draw attention to these aspects of your garden. 

Lanterns can be used to guide the way down a path or positioned around the edge of your lawn. These lights can also be solar powered, so there’s no need to plug in them into the mains. 

Get some quality furniture 

What’s the point of having a lovely garden if you don’t have the ability to sit and relax in it? Some comfy, aesthetic seating such as chairs or sofas will help you get the most out of your garden. A hanging/swinging chair will also add some extra excitement to your space. 

A good, sturdy dining table is also a good option and will allow you eat and host guests in your garden. 

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Add a bed of wildflowers 

Having a bed or two of wildflowers that don’t require constant upkeep will add a sense of the wild to your garden. Hemming these beds in with stones or sleepers will stop the flowers from overgrowing and to maintain them you just need to mow them back occasionally. 

You can find packets of wildflowers seeds in most garden centres and select which flowers will go best in your garden. 

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