How to Remove Tanning? Various Treatments and Causes of Tanning

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How to remove tanning, it’s causes and treatment searching for this ? Here you will get to know everything about tanning and it’s treatment.


How to Remove Tanning? Causes, Treatment, and Cost of Removing Tanning

How to remove tanning– If you have, you are facing problems regarding tanning and searching for how to remove tanning? Then here are describing everything related to tanning, like its cost, treatment, and treatment procedure. Tanning is a common issue that can find easily in anyone. But if you think your tanning is a serious issue, you must visit a skin specialist in Jaipur and solve your problem regarding tan skin.

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What is Tanning?

After visiting the skin specialist, we always ask this question. So basically, the cause of tanning is sun exposure which increases the pigment in the skin called melanin. Using tanning lamps found in tanning beds can also be the reason for tanning, but sun exposure is only the important reason for having the tan or darkness on some exposed areas like arms, legs, hands, forehead, back, and neck.

Cause of Tanning

Our solar spectrum contains many different wavelengths from which ultraviolet radiation is important for the cause of skin effects. Ultraviolet has mainly three wavelengths which UVB, UVA, UVC. These all rays effects skin in different ways like UVB rays burn the skin, and on the other hand, UVA rays make the skin dark and become the cause of photo-aging. Moreover, while UVA rays creep into the skin, they started invigorating melanocytes, which helps produce an excess of melanin, which makes the skin dark due to the oxidation, and it becomes the cause of tanning.

Treatment of Tanning Suggested by Doctors

Laser toning: The laser toning treatment is proved the best way or best treatment of tan removal by every dermatologist. In this treatment, Q Switched YAG laser device is used, which helps break down the pigment from the skin and reduce skin tan.

Chemical Peels: If you want to remove tanning caused by suntan, then chemical peels are the best option for you. This treatment regenerates the skin cells in very little time, which helps to remove tan from the skin.
Microdermabrasion- This is also the best treatment for tan removal, which helps remove dead skin cells.

Tan Removal Cost in India

The cost of the treatment also depends on the body area where treatment will be done. Other factors which vary the cost are the clinic of a doctor, experience of the doctor, which treatment option you choose, and what kind of technology you will use during treatment.

Many big and reputed parlors offer packages for tan removal from a face like detaining, which costs between Rs 1000 to 2500, and for underarms and legs, it costs between 700 to 1500. But these all are temporary treatments for tan removal. f we select suntan’s advanced removal, its estimated cost is Rs 4000 – Rs 1000.

Is Tan Removing Treatment Permanent?

The duration of tan removal treatment depends on the procedure which you choose. Also, it depends on the area where the treatment has been done.

Chemical Peels: For removing sun tan from the face, dermatologists use this treatment. After 2-3 sessions of this treatment, you can easily the results of this treatment.

Laser Toning: The results of this treatment depend on the area of the body where this treatment will do. If you want to see the results of this treatment then you must have 3 to 4 sessions with your dermatologist.
Microdermabrasion- To get the better result of this treatment, you must have required 4 to 5 sessions.

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Some Best Preventions of Tanning

Follow these preventions of tanning and keep yourself away from skin tan.

  • Before going outside, apply the sunscreen and use it before 20-30 minutes when you’re stepping out.
  • When you see that this is the peak hour of sunlight, then always avoid going outside
  • Wear full sleeves clothes which prevent the cause of arms tanning
  • Always use sunglasses and stoles which protect you from sunburn.

Final Say About How to Remove Tanning

Stop your search for how to remove tanning? Here in this article, we explained everything about the process of tan removal. Also, we mentioned different treatments of tanning. Before stepping outside, also follow the preventions which we mentioned. By following these all preventions you can save your skin from sunburn. Also, these all preventions will help you to prevent the cause of tanning. Read every information properly and get proper knowledge about how to remove tanning and its treatment for removal.