How to Play Path of Exile – Beginner Tips

Juliet D'cruz

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Diablo III has been dead for several years now, Lost Ark is too lazy to pump and I want some kind of dynamics, there is not enough of some kind of Dark Fantasy setting. What to do in this case? Download PoE, what else.

This article is entirely dedicated to those who are just planning to start their journey in Wraeclast. The most important advice is not to be afraid. The game seems difficult only at first glance, but the more you immerse yourself in it, the more fun you get. But if you can’t get past Labyrinth PoE, then you can always contact the CakeBoost service.

Where to start the game?

At the entrance and before character creation, you will be asked where you plan to start your journey – on standard, league or hardcore. Moreover, each mode has an SSF option. What is it and how to understand?

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The game should be divided into 4 modes:

  1. The standard is common to everyone, where you can play anytime, anywhere. It does not have a specific focus and contains all the leagues of past years. May include Hardcore and SSF option;
  2. The league is a temporary option for everyone. Players start with a clean slate and spend 3-4 months exploring all the new features and gameplay mechanics. After the end of the league, all your characters and their items go to Standard. May include Hardcore and SSF options;
  3. SSF is a solo game. You are on your own and cannot contact other players in any way, even with those who have chosen the same mode. You can only trade with NPCs;
  4. Hardcore – can be selected as an option for Standard or League, and also in conjunction with SSF. It has a distinctive feature – if your character dies, then it is forever. In this mode, you play only with those players who, like you, have chosen one of the mods: Hardcore or Hardcore League, or Hardcore Standard. You cannot interact with others.

Obviously, for beginners, Hardcore or SSF mode is not suitable. You will either die almost at the beginning, or you will not understand the essence of the trade and interaction with other players. If there are more than 2 weeks left before the end of the league, feel free to start on it. If less, then you can try on the standard.

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Class selection

The usual division into a warrior, a magician and a hunter is not here. Each character differs only in the starting position in the passive talent tree, some initial characteristics and the Ascension talents that you get after completing the labyrinth.

There is no particular priority in which class you choose. Before choosing, it is better to initially familiarize yourself with the starting builds and choose the one that you like best visually.

How to improve abilities?

This game is not like the others. We should not go to a mentor and learn something new from him. Stones that are abilities have their own experience. Immediately after receiving a new level, on the right, near your quest log, an icon of a stone and a plus sign will appear, after pressing which the ability will receive a new level.

We have tried to describe the most important game elements that can confuse new players.