How to Load a Magazine Like a Pro

Juliet D'cruz

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Whether you love hunting or simply enjoy spending time on the shooting range, knowing how to load a magazine is important for your hobby. After all, if you don’t know how to load a magazine fast how are you going to do when you’re out on the field or have your head in the game?

To help you out, we’ve put together a quick guide on the easy way to load a gun magazine. Let’s take a look at what you need to know to put together a loaded magazine in no time!

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Step One: Safety First

The first step in loading a gun magazine is to double-check that the chamber is unloaded, the safety is on, and that the barrel is pointed in a safe direction. This helps ensure that no accidents will occur while loading your gun magazine.

Step Two: Determine the Gauge

Next, you need to determine the gauge, or bore diameter, of your gun. The size of your bore will vary depending on what type of gun you are shooting. Make sure that you select the proper size ammo for your firearm.

Step Three: Grab a Seat

Once you’ve got the right ammo for your gun, take a seat. Place the butt of the gun’s stock on your thigh or secure the gun under your arm. Be careful to position the trigger guard and trigger away from you.

Step Four: Load a Shell

Next, place one shell against the loading flab. The back of the shell should be facing the gun barrel.

If you need to know how to load stripper clips, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a slightly different process. Be sure to check what type of shell you are loading before getting to work.

Step Five: Push the Shell Down

From there,e push the shell up into the loading flap. You should hear a click when the shell locks into place. At this point, the shell should have surpassed the rim of the magazine catch.

Step Six: Repeat

Repeat step five until the magazine tube is completely full. When you can no longer insert a shell into the tube, it means that the magazine is full and can’t accommodate any more shells.

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Step Seven: Hold the Action Release

To finish up, hold the action release button. Then, pump the slide forwards and backward to load the chamber. Now, you are ready to remove the safety and fire your gun!

Know How to Load a Magazine

With this quick and easy guide, you know how how to load a magazine like a pro. It’s time to grab your gun and head out to the shooting range so you can practice your new loading skills!

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