How to host online workshops as a beginner?

Juliet D'cruz

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So here you are with expertise in a field, topic or industry and want to share your lessons through a live workshop to your audience who can learn from it and utilize it in their lives to upgrade their skills or knowledge. 

But it’s your first time hosting an online workshop and you don’t know how to go about it and are scared to make a mess of your first ever live workshop.  Well, this is what we are here for you to guide you to host your first ever online workshop without any confusion or hassle and which will surely help you in conducting more interactive workshops in future. 

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Know your workshop matter 

Workshop Objective 

Start with WHY! Ask yourself why you want to hold this workshop. Is it introducing your brand or a certain topic, creating leads, upscaling your services, sharing your expertise or tips? So it’s important to establish your why! 

Workshop duration 

Most of you will skip on this crucial point, which is planning the duration of the workshop. It is important to set a timeline for your online workshop. Experts suggest that workshops which have a duration of 2 hours perform well. You can stretch the workshop into segments by keeping daily set hours. 

Target Audience 

It is vital to know who your audience will be. The best way to know your Target Audience is by following this criteria – 

  1. Demographics – age, sex, gender 
  2. Geographic – location
  3. Psychographic – want a job in a particular field 
  4. Behavioural – upgrade their skill

Content Topic 

Choose a content topic your audience is actually eager to understand or learn. According to your target audience or niche, you will understand what topic you want to showcase in your live workshop. 

The best way to know what topic your audience is likely to learn is by scouting on platforms like Quora, Linkedin and Facebook groups. 

Content planning

Now that you have established what content topic you would like to hold in your online workshop, you need to structure your course outline. Keep in mind the duration as well while planning your content. Make sure you choose a topic according to your duration. 

Don’t be plain-speaking, add a presentation that includes infographics, images, videos. Include stories since people like listening to one, give real-life examples, the latest news pertaining to your field and data on pie charts. 

Audience engagement 

Don’t just focus on what you will speak and show during the workshop. Make sure you keep in mind your audience as well. You don’t want your audience to lose interest. Make your live workshops more interactive by including Q&A series, quizzes, brainstorming, and also asking their suggestions on the topics. 

Live workshop essentials 

Choose a platform 

You need to establish on which platform you would like to hold your online workshop. There are multiple options and the most famous ones are Zoom and Google meet. Make sure to choose one easy platform for your audience so that they are comfortable, too! 

Workshop tools 

Well, don’t forget to assemble your equipment to hold a live workshop. Make sure to test them out and see if they are capturing you in the best of angle and quality, make sure to establish the light source and position.  

Paid or free 

Are you going to serve your audience for free or are you going to charge them? It depends on the nature of the online workshop. If you are holding a technical workshop, you will definitely price it. If you are introducing your service, skills or brand, then you can give it for free or charge a minimal amount to garner attention. 

Completion certificate 

A certificate shows the credibility of the workshop. It would be advisable to give your audience one authenticating the fact they have learnt a skill or completed a course which will help your audience use it in their career and increase your workshop value. 

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Promote workshop 

Don’t be in the dark, don’t let it be a surprise, put out the word that you are holding a workshop. Share the news to your first possible contacts like friends, families, colleagues, followers and they will promote from thereon.

Rule your first workshop 

Get ready for the workshop

Make sure you set out your equipment before time, keep your notes ready, and do a last-minute promotion on your story section as a reminder.

Test your equipment

It is again vital to test your equipment before going live, you wouldn’t want to get stuck in your first online workshop. Check your laptop, camera and internet connection. 

Brief your audience 

Introduce yourself, show the workshop outline and set proper guidelines so that your live workshop sails smoothly.  

Initially it might feel daunting to hold your first online workshop, but if you follow our guidelines, we know you will be less nervous on your first day of your live workshop.