How To Hire 2d Artists? Tips From Professionals

Juliet D'cruz

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When working on video games, you will definitely need to have stylized menus, special environments and effects, and pixel art, all of which call for the attention of a 2D artist. The internet is quite advanced, and the different platforms it has give people many avenues for advertising these posts. Still, there are many qualified 2D artists out there, making the selection process a bit tricky since if you err, you risk losing money and time on the wrong artist. As such, you have a shaky rope to go through, and you must play your cards safely. Here are the tips from professionals on hiring 2D artists. 

Who is a 2D artist and, what skillsets should he have?

First things first, you need to know who a 2D artist is. He is an artist who specializes in giving video games special effects by introducing illustrations and animations. There are many such people out there, which may make the selection job difficult. As such, knowing the skillsets to pay attention to will help you make a good move. Focus on 2D modeling, designing, and creative skills, UI/UX design, concept artistry, 2D illustrations, and 2D game art. These are like the bare minimums that will help you know a 2D can deliver content. 

When you need a 2D artist

Before venturing into looking for hire 2D game artist, you need to first identify your goals. 2D artists earn a lot of money every year, meaning that getting one will require financial investments from your side. As such, you need to understand your project so well that you can state its objectives and what it entails. Do you want to draw anime-style characters in RPG makers for role-playing games? Do you want to give your mobile game development process a pixelated feel? These are some of the projects that require the services of a 2D artist. 

Price ranges for 2D artists

You also need to know how much cash you should have when getting a 2D artist on board. Studies show that 2D artists are freelancers who make some good cash from their work. However, much depends on at least two factors, expertise or area of experience, years of experience. For instance, a novice 2D artist who is just starting out might not have a wider skillset but will charge competitively as he tries to establish a customer base. Contrarily, a veteran artist who’s well-established in his artistry will have a wider skillsets pool, deliver high-quality jobs, but you will have to pay him dearly. Besides, in some cases, market conditions also determine the cost of hiring a 2D artist, and it can be cheap or expensive depending on how many artists are there in an area. According to one site, most 2D artists earn somewhere between $50,000- $70,000. 

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Where can you find good 2D artists?

In this advent of technology, the internet has made things easy. As such, you can always find any professionals, including 2D artists, online, and you only need to know what to do. Here are guidelines to finding 2D artists;

  • Surf through different discussion platforms and forums such as Reddit, which have community portfolios for most professionals, including 2D artists
  • Look through freelancing sites, including PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, and Upwork, since artists and freelancers go there to market themselves
  • Visit outsourcing and outstaffing platforms that deal with outsourcing professionals; such sites are good since they conduct thorough vetting and allow you to work with people who have wider talent pools from all over the world
  • Surf through talent and skill showcase sites such as ArtStation and Behance, where people create portfolios and showcase what they can offer; it’s your role to choose who meets your project’s special needs from there

Advertising job 2D job hires

Many people find 2D artists and other professionals they need by checking talent showcases, outsourcing and outstaffing, and freelancing sites. As such, they look through the section will the artists and narrow it down to skillsets, after which they reach out to individuals. However, you might choose a different approach, i.e., advertising the job on freelancing sites and social platforms. Here are sites you could visit to advertise your 2D hiring job should the first option discussed above not work for you;

  • Dice; is a good platform for getting professionals, including 2D artists; you only need to prepare about $250 for a job posting
  • AngelList; seeks to support companies, especially those that are just starting out, so you only need to register your services as a company then you are good to post your jobs
  • LinkedIn; has a pay-per-click feature that many startups find sustainable. It does not have slots for free ads, but you can rest assured that it will be worthy of your pay since you get people with wider talent pools
  • Glassdoor; is revered for its free job ads besides the multiple reviews and comments that help you know what you will work with and how he has handled previous projects. As such, it is one of the best sites for sourcing employees and employers
  • CareerBuilder; is another option for startups that are just starting out since it allows people to post jobs for free
  • Monster; does not have free job posting ads but charges $299 per month for a single job with at least 50 resume reviews
  • Indeed specializes in helping you find professionals. It is one of the best sites, bearing in mind that it offers both free and paid slots. You could opt for the standard version for free or Premium services for $5 per day. 

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Choosing 2D artists

Knowing the above-discussed information should give you all you need to find 2D artists. As mentioned before, skillset matters in getting the best person to do your work in the best way possible. As such, you need to pay attention to 2D education and understanding, hands-on experience, a person’s portfolio, and motivation and professionalism. Also, remember that you might have problems occasionally, so the artist should be willing to offer after-sales maintenance services.


A 2D artist helps add life to video games by introducing pixelated pirates or drawing anime-style character stills in RPG makers. The internet makes job search easy, but the large numbers make the selection process challenging. However, you can never get it wrong with the guidelines herein provided. Remember, skillsets, professionalism, motivation, hands-on experience, and education should be your key focus when you are out there to hire a 2D artist.