How to fight skin degeneration with elan by using Garnier cream

Juliet D'cruz

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Ageing is inevitable but a process that you should embrace. However, the signs of ageing, like wrinkles and dark spots, are a worry to many. While there is no magic cure, taking the right steps can help to prolong these signs or even prevent them. The best way to go about this is to follow a skin care routine religiously. Starting early can prove to be a game-changer here.

For this purpose, the article brings you a hand-picked and simple skin care regime. This routine is built using the best of Garnier products. The brand is no stranger in India and has the trust of many loyal customers. Moreover, Garnier creams are highly successful in fighting early signs of ageing and skin degeneration. Another point to note is their impressive price points. Garnier is affordable and also lasts for a long time. 

To maintain youthful skin, one should begin with a skin care structure as early as 25. Thankfully, Garnier has got your back to start right away, 

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Early Signs of Aging and its Causes

With time, the skin slows down its collagen production and other hormones that keep up the skin’s elasticity. As a result, the process slows down and takes longer to repair. As a result, it leaves room for signs of ageing such as wrinkles, sun spots, gaunt hands etc. In addition, constant sun exposure, lack of rest and high levels of stress can cause early appearances of ageing.

Build a Routine

  1. Cleanse: Cleansing is the first step to achieving healthy and plump skin. It’s a must to include a cleanser to ensure you remove all impurities and makeup off your face. Garnier has a variety of cleansers to work for different skin types. Specifically, their micellar water is one of their best selling products. Choose the oil-based cleanser for removing makeup and the water-based one for everyday use. Also, they have face washes specially tailored for men too.
  2. Hydrate: Next step is to hydrate. It is imperative to hydrate the skin with a cream that has the right ingredients. Garnier’s SetActive moisture Bomb is an excellent product for this. It has antioxidant properties and is packed with ingredients such as Vitamin E and C. Moreover, it absorbs well into the skin due to its gel consistency.

Ensure that at least one of your products has vitamin C as a core ingredient. It helps to reduce pigment spots and brightens the face. Garnier’s Bright Vitamin C UV serum is an excellent option here.

  1. Repair: Garnier’s Under Eye Cream is a saviour when fighting dark circles and pigmentation. It is fused with caffeine that helps to reduce puffiness and fixes discolouration. Also, it comes with a roller massager that soothes the skin and, in turn, helps with baggy under the eyes. So make sure to give it a try!
  2. Protect: Sun exposure is a significant cause of concern when it comes to ageing. Therefore, you must protect your skin with sunblock at all times. Similar to Garnier’s sun control daily moisturiser, many Garnier sunblocks come with moisturising properties as well.  It has an SPF of 30 that can keep the UV rays at bay. Also, it moisturises the skin simultaneously. 

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A Quick fix to hide ageing signs

Ideally, the long term effects of the Garnier skin care routine is the best possible solution. But if you already notice subtle signs of ageing, don’t worry. There is nothing a dab of makeup cannot hide. 

  • To keep it natural, avoid foundations. Instead, stick to BB creams or, even better, a bare face.
  • Use a concealer that matches your skin tone to hide pigmentations. Now, use a lighter shade of concealer under the eyes. It helps to hide dark circles and brightens the face.
  • Apply a compact powder to set it in for a refreshed look.
  • Use a highlighter to mark the high points of your face, especially the cheekbones. This step ensures to give you an instant face-lift. Moreover, highlighter prices are in an affordable range. So, you can find a good-quality one with ease.
  • Spritz some setting spray for a dewy finish.

The makeup hack works as an easy fix but not for a long time. Hence, a good skin care regime and a clean diet and lifestyle are the right way forward. Follow these steps regularly and remain as youthful as ever.