Learn How To Draw People Sitting In A Chair Or On The Floor

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How To Draw People Sitting In A Chair

How to draw people is complicated. Here it is important to know the anatomy. But, if you take the finished drawing and copy it, then it is possible, everything will turn out. For those who want to paint themselves, it is better to examine the various human poses. And in this article, we try to understand how to draw people (sitting).


This pattern is best to draw in pencil “EB” on thick paper:

You need to outline the contours of a person sitting in a chair. We recommend using a wax pencil.

You need to draw primary lines. Where will lay a shadow on the pencil should be pressed more intensely. Don’t be scared to make something wrong.

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Using a pencil, you need to draw facial features.

Now you can proceed to the final image. Then you need to remove the outline of the dress. Add details. Draw the shape of the legs. Now you can draw on the chair where he is sitting. Seat legs need to add shadows. On the girl’s hair, you need to draw a diagonal line and add a darker shade. Strands should fall on the shoulders. Attach tone the legs and arms.


Presently let’s discuss how to draw a sitting person (sideways). To begin, describe the outline of the head. Diagonally bring a thin line inside the oval. We can immediately identify the height and width of the future image. To do this, it must mentally describe five ovals in length, the same size as the blank for the head (can identify their height) and 4.5 in width. Now you can draw your neck. Then proceed to the body image. Go back to do a little rounded perfectly straight. He can’t be. The principal thing is not to exceed it. Otherwise, it can get the bulge. In the area where the person is resting, you require to draw a circle. We recommend counting the third circumference in diameter and draw a small circle on it. Between the image, hoops are necessary to remove a smooth hip line.

Now we can note the lower part of the thigh a large circle to erase. Then it would help if you drew the tibia. After that, we proceed to the foot image. Draw the heel and the metatarsal. We are adding a sock. Now you need to draw a man’s left leg. It is not fully visible. To do this, you can imagine the right foot transparent and portray all the details left foot. You can then erase the invisible part. The left knee is not visible. Leg slightly extended forward. Now you need to draw a hand. Lap joints need to identify. We are putting their smooth lines. This addition is necessary to draw hands. A person touches a finger. Teper pulls a chair and your left hand on it. It also captures all the details of faces and figures. All sharp edges should be round. Draw a long thick hair, if we represent a woman. We will outline the clothing line. Dorisovyvat shoes. So, we figured out how to draw a pencil-sitting man. It’s not so easy, but the power of each of us.

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We proceed to discuss how to draw people (seated). This time, try to play the role of Sherlock Holmes. First, you need to outline the contours of the head. Draw a line of shoulders and body. We will then trace Holmes’s hands and his feet. Instead, palm up to draw triangles. On the feet can be drawn shoes. Attach the correct head skeleton. Add a hat and cape. Draw the pants. Now you can draw hands. Draw the fingers. Add all the parts of the face. Sherlock Holmes’s nose is slightly aquiline. Dorisovyvat tube. We are adding a chair where Sherlock Holmes sits. The pattern can not paint, but only the shade of a pencil.


Talking about how to draw people (sitting), it should note that it is pretty tricky. Externally proper education, some can cope with this responsibility. It is best to go for drawing ideas courses or enroll in art school. Maybe someone will explain in detail how to draw people (sitting).