How To Compress PDF Documents Using GogoPDF

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The portable document format is arguably the most popular type of document in the world. For sure, you will have a hard time mentioning one industry that does not utilize it. People from the business and education sectors can’t get things done without managing multiple PDF files daily. It has all the great features that one can ask for. However, handling large PDFs can be a source of stress whenever you plan to send them to someone else online. You can easily get rid of this problem if you use the compress PDF tool of GogoPDF. Read on to get to know more about the website as well as convince yourself that it is worth using especially during the remote working setup.

Compress PDF Documents Using GogoPDF

You probably used several compressed PDF tools, applications, and software in the past that presented a lot of inconveniences due to their complicated and extremely unreliable process. instead of helping you live a more convenient life, they contributed to your unproductivity and inefficiency. Rest assured that you will not have the same bad experience if you access the compress PDF tool of GogoPDF. It features a simple and direct procedure that makes it easy for you to figure out how it works. Check out the list of steps below to be aware of what you have to do once you reach the website. 

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Visit GogoPDF’s website 

To start the process, search in one of the installed browsers on your device and select the compress PDF tool. After that, you will have to let the website access the documents you wish to compress by uploading them to its server. There are two ways to do this if you are accessing it using a laptop. You may click the select file’s icon at the center of the screen but the faster and more efficient method is through the use of the drag and drop option. You just have to open the file folder and drag and the documents you have to upload drop them to the toolbox. 

The Compress PDF Tool Will Analyze the Uploaded Files

After successfully uploading the documents, the compress PDF tool will analyze them and embed them using the 256-bit encryption technology. In this way, they will be free from cyber attacks initiated by malware, viruses, and hackers.  Once done scanning the uploaded files, it will then start the process which may take a few minutes or even less if you have a high-speed internet connection. It will not waste your free time as it can provide your desired result in an instant.

Download The Compressed PDF File

Download the compressed PDF file once the tool completes the compression process. The website will give you the power to decide where you would want to save it. it understands that not all people have a device with large storage space so they might want to use cloud-based storage instead. In this way, the newly compressed file will not worsen the performance of your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. 

Why should you compress large PDF files?

Compressing large PDF files is necessary when you want to send them via social media platforms such as Gmail. They strictly implement an attachment size limit which lets you successfully send documents with file sizes, not beyond 20 MB. Whenever you encounter this, you might feel stressed out because it can lead to delayed business transactions and reports that your colleagues can’t review nor verify. To solve this issue, you have to let your files undergo the compression process through GogoPDF. It will use a specific algorithm designed to remove redundant words, reduction of pixels and resolution of images, and identify patterns and areas that it can compress. After the process, expect that you can send the compressed files via email and online platforms in an instant. 

Other Helpful Functions Provided by GogoPDF

File Conversions

There are a lot of file formats but each of them has strengths and weaknesses. Some of your tasks might require the need to convert a PDF to Word, Excel, or PPT so it is best to use GgoPDF’s PDF converter. It often happens when you have to edit the content, change the photos, and add more information. But the best thing is that you can also use the same website to turn them back to PDF. The process is pretty the same as how the compress PDF tool works. 

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Encrypt Documents

Lately, there is an increasing number of people who post that they were victims of cyber attacks which is alarming and frightening because it might lead to a tarnish reputation. It is an issue that would always be present during the digital age. Hence, to ensure that you and a few authorized persons are the ones that are capable of reading and editing your files containing confidential information, you may use the protect PDF tool of GogoPDF. It can encrypt them without compromising the quality and readability. Don’t worry because the method of adding a passcode is extremely fast as long as your desired password contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

Fix Corrupted or Damaged Files

Whenever you encounter a corrupted or damaged file, most likely, your first reaction is to cry because your report is no longer accessible. Before you break down, make sure to do the necessary steps, which include visiting online repair tools such as GogoPDF. It will try to identify the problem, fix it, and turn it back to its original form. It will try to recover all the details and data but some files with severe damage might be unrecoverable already.

In a Nutshell

For you to enjoy a hassle-free working life in the digital age, you have to utilize reliable and accurate online tools such as GogoPDF. It can help you compress, convert, encrypt, and repair documents whenever you need to. The majority of working adults consider the website as a one-stop-shop for all their PDF-related needs so don’t miss the chance to use it!