How to apply for a bachelor’s programme in the Netherlands?

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How to apply for a bachelor’s programme in the Netherlands?

The vast canals of Amsterdam, the gothic church towers of Rotterdam, and the paintings of Rembrandt come to mind when anyone mentions the Netherlands. Previously known as Holland, this country has gained another reason to be in recent news—as a popular academic destination for students who want to do their bachelor of business administration abroad.

 The Netherlands has an excellent higher education system, a firm position in the list of affluent EU countries and a diverse population. In addition, your student life in the country will allow you to experience some of the most beautiful architecture and colourful nightlife.

If you can’t wait to start your college studies in the Netherlands, and have no idea where to start, this blog can be a bonus read. Apart from providing you with the top advantages of a bachelor’s degree in this country, we also tell you how to apply for an undergraduate programme in the Netherlands.

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What are the top advantages of studying in the Netherlands?

If you are excited by the prospect of studying abroad, the Netherlands can be a fine academic destination. Here are some of the primary advantages of studying in the country.

  1. You might not have to face significant language barriers
  2. The tuition fees for undergraduate programmes are quite affordable
  3. It is a great country for cycling enthusiasts
  4. The Netherlands is renowned for being one of the safest countries in the world
  5. You can work in the Netherlands after your graduation

Which are the top universities and colleges offering undergraduate programmes in the Netherlands?

There are scores of English-taught bachelor’s courses and instructors which can make it very appealing for international students to study in the Netherlands. Here are some of the top universities in the country offering good English-taught BBA programmes.

  1. ICBS Amsterdam
  2. University of Amsterdam
  3. University of Twente
  4. Radboud University
  5. Tilburg University
  6. Utrecht University

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How can you apply for a suitable bachelor’s programme in the Netherlands?

The Dutch higher education system is Bologna process-based, i.e., you can find all admission-related information on the official country website. You can send in your enrolment applications for the public Dutch universities via

The starting point for your enrolment process should ideally start with the websites of your preferred colleges. There you can find all information regarding their course offerings, relevant entry criteria and the enrolment process.

Following this, you should embark on the next series of steps as detailed below:

  1. Create your own Studielink account
  2. Fill out an enrolment application form via the platform and submit it
  3. Choose your payment method to pay the enrolment fee
  4. Once the submitted document is checked by the relevant university, they will contact you to guide you for the rest of the process.

Pursuing a valid BBA programme from a reputed Dutch university can help you take off your business career smoothly. Start looking for appropriate business schools and universities offering BBA degrees in Amsterdam today!