How Tech Can Help Make Your Website Accessible

Juliet D'cruz

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Your website can be an addition to your business or the entirety of your business. Making sure that everyone can browse your products and services with all the information you can give them will take help. ADA compliance is critical to keeping your business open to all citizens. It can also protect you from legal risk

What Is Website Accessibility?

Websites need to offer access for the visually impaired, the hearing impaired, and those who face other challenges. Start with an ADA compliance checker to determine what changes you need to make and what additions you need to apply.

The right website ADA checker can help you

  • create headings for organizations and not visual appeal
  • make sure all images include the right alt text
  • create links that offer lots of descriptive benefits
  • check images for red-green color concentration

When creating your web text layout, it’s critical that you make sure that your outlines function effectively. Text size can be altered by different h1, h2 and h3 tags, but it will also change how the data lines up when read aloud. List HTML tags mean that the data may be mixed up by an electronic reader. If you need your lists to work in a particular order a numbered list may be a better choice.

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Why is Website Accessibility Important?

Putting the right technology in place means that people of all abilities can access your goods and services. Research shows that more than 70% of disabled shoppers will click away from your site if the structure of your website makes their experience more difficult. If you are known as a merchant or service provider that offers better support for the disabled, the odds are good that your business will get more traffic from these communities simply by taking these extra steps.

According to AudioEye, getting your website checked out and in full compliance can also save you legal risk and give you a framework that you can apply to any website additions in the future to maintain your accessibility as your business grows.

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Technology Solutions For Web Browsing Accessibility

Your website accessibility checker will need to work with a wide variety of platforms. If you are in the process of changing up your website for a relaunch, make sure you base it on a platform that offers inherent protection and easy ways to update image texts, headers, and lists.

If you have a portion of your website where others can add photos or videos, consider adding a filtering checker that will review the image for the red-green consideration listed above. Additionally, any videos that include flashing images or rapid light changes should either be blocked or come with a warning. The risk of photosensitive risk should always be a factor that defines your image and video additions.

Building an ADA-compliant website will actually create a more logical and well-designed website. By putting logical headers in your blog posts you will create better content. By carefully reviewing your images and your videos, you will come up with better marketing and stronger testimonials.