How Serverwala’s VPS Singapore facilitates faster eCommerce Growth?

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Serverwala’s VPS Singapore provides numerous benefits for accelerating eCommerce Growth. Read this article to know in detail about Singapore VPS.

While running an eCommerce business, you can find it difficult to prioritize many things that require your concern. However, you must not miss on determining the right web hosting for your eCommerce website. Since a website is the heart of your business, you need to provide it with supporting infrastructural technology. That is because hosting technology directly impacts the website’s performance and, consequently, the success of your eCommerce business. Thus, here we will introduce you to Serverwala’s VPS Singapore that serves as the perfect hosting solution for your web business

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On the other side, the most common hosting option you can find is shared server hosting. Often, people think of hosting their eCommerce website on a shared server due to its cheapest cost. But shared hosting can prove to be highly ineffective when it comes to facilitating eCommerce business growth. So, let us first understand how it is a fact! 

Why must eCommerce Businesses avoid Shared Hosting?

In the shared server hosting, your website shares the server space and resources with various other user’s websites. This is the reason that the shared server hosting comes at a much lower cost than other types of hosting. However, with the eCommerce business, you should refrain from hosting your website on a shared server due to the following limitations of shared hosting. 

Choice of operating system

Your website has to settle with the operating system that your hosting provider runs at the core of the shared server. Thus, you have to face restrictions while running the programs, software, or applications that are not supported by the existing OS. 

Confined access to web resources

Since your website shares the resources, it has to face certain limitations on the resources usage. Moreover, the other websites on the same server can take away more resources during the traffic peaks. This can lead your website to face downtime and limits it to run the required number of applications. 

SSL warnings

With the shared server hosting, your website cannot acquire independent SSL security. As a result, your website visitors encounter SSL warnings that scare them away. 

Performance issues due to others’ errors

In the shared server hosting, your website’s performance gets to suffer due to the activities of your neighbour’s users. Also, any error on the server or other user’s website can put a halt to the functioning of your website. 

Let us now move on to get insights into how VPS Singapore can help in overcoming all these constraints with so much ease. 

What benefits will you get with Singapore VPS?

When the physical server is divided through Hypervisor software, it is converted into smaller sections. These sections are called virtual private servers. They are based on virtualization technology and function distinctly from each other. The Singapore VPS has been developed to proffer an independent environment for hosting the website. Following are the benefits that you acquire while hosting your eCommerce website on VPS Singapore –

Dedicated resources

Your eCommerce website obtains the dedicated resources such as bandwidth, disk space, etc., with the virtual private server hosting. You do not have to share them with any other user on the server. 

Dedicated IP address

With VPS Singapore, you acquire the dedicated IP address for your eCommerce website. Along with enabling your website to achieve better SEO ranking, the dedicated IP address lets your business have SSL security. 

Root access

Your hosting provider renders you root access to your VPS Singapore. With root access, you get complete control over your virtual private server. This will let you run the operating system, applications, and software needed by your eCommerce website. Also, you get the right to configure and customize your server the way you desire. 


With the growth of your eCommerce website, you can easily upgrade your web resources quickly. The VPS Singapore provides high scalability support for the development of your web business. 

Before you seek a reliable hosting provider, let us tell you about the top-leading hosting company that successfully qualifies and raises the hosting standard. Dive into the following section to make your research effortless and identify how Serverwala can provide your eCommerce website with the best Singapore VPS hosting.

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A Brief Introduction to Serverwala

Serverwala is one of the best web hosting providers recognized for rendering high-grade and hyper-scale hosting facilities worldwide. It is among the top-notch hosting companies. The company offers the most flexible and highly secured plans for VPS Singapore. Find below the privileges and benefits that come with each Serverwala’s virtual private server hosting plan. 

Why should eCommerce Businesses choose Singapore VPS from Serverwala?

24/7/365 Technical Assistance

The Serverwala company renders 24/7/365 technical assistance through highly qualified experts. They offer highly accessible and easy solutions to all your issues. 

DDoS Protection

Each Serverwala’s VPS Singapore comes with ultra-secure firewalls in order to guard your website data from DDoS attacks. Your system will be capable of recognizing the incoming spiteful threats. And, it will automatically implement safeguard measures and secure your data. 

99.99% Uptime Network

Your eCommerce website will have the assurance of a 99.99% uptime with high-tech network flexibility and redundant power.  

Cost Savings

The company offers a wide array of cheapest plans and packages for VPS Singapore. You will be able to advance the growth of your eCommerce business website at a minimal cost. 

Summing Up

You can infer that VPS Singapore is an ideal middle ground between shared and dedicated hosting. Without investing in an entire dedicated server, you can have most of its benefits with VPS hosting. 

Reach out now to the customer support of the Serverwala company for resolving your queries and acquiring more information. The company provides round-the-clock support from its professionals. They are available at different communications platforms such as Whatsapp, Skype, Email, etc., and provide instant response. Furthermore, you can also check out the company’s website to grab details about its cheap VPS Singapore -